10 Best Donna Morgan Bridesmaid Dresses

We have a new obsession, ladies, and it’s the Donna Morgan bridesmaid dress collection. While the Donna Morgan Collection is not exclusively for bridesmaids, the designs from founder Kathleen McFeeters (who also founded Ali Ro) are perfect for those brides looking for something unique that you can mix and match or coordinate the same color/styles.

The latest Donna Morgan Collection, called Serenity, is pretty much flawless. From light-blue halters and off-the-shoulder florals to that sequin bridesmaid dress you’ve been searching for, we’re having a hard time picking favorites. But, alas, that’s what we have to do…so we’ve compiled a few of the bridesmaid dresses we love the most in the gallery above. We’re serious when we say we think this might be one of the best bridesmaid dress collections we’ve seen in a long time. Go forth and shop!

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