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Gone are the days when you and your bridesmaids went to the bridal boutique together so they could all try on the bridesmaid dresses you picked out for them. While that might still be the case for a lucky few of you, the rest of us are forced to make our selections online and then hope that everything gets delivered on time. And in the right size. And in the right style. And in the right color.

To be honest, I found that picking the right bridesmaid dress was one of the more difficult decisions I made when planning our wedding. I wanted to find a dress that I thought they would all wear again (no easy feat), and a color that worked with our wedding venue and my wedding dress. I ended up going with the now discontinued line of Vera Wang bridesmaid dresses, and while they worked out perfectly there were a couple of hiccups in terms of the ordering process. Even though it  worked out great in the end, it really became clear to me that shopping for a bridesmaid dress online can be harder than it looks. Which is why I think the trend of giving your bridesmaids a color swatch and having them pick out the dress they want (at any store they want) has caught on. Not only is it fun to mix and match bridesmaid dress styles, but it’s a way easier option.

That doesn’t mean, however, that you shouldn’t look online for your bridesmaid dresses (and that you can’t mix and match from what you find on any given website, either). There are more and more sites out there today (way more than when I got married 5 years ago), that specialize in online ordering and even dress rentals. And with easy return processes and fast shipping, buying a bridesmaid dress online is better than ever.

I’ve compiled a list of the best websites to buy bridesmaid dresses from, below, to hopefully help you start the search process. This is by no means definitive (we might have missed a website or two), but for the most part these are our favorite, tried-and-true sites for finding everything from a classic bridesmaid dress to something completely unique. And while these stores do not all specialize in bridesmaid dresses, they’re a great starting point for finding a style or color you like and then going from there. Hopefully your bridesmaids will feel the same! (And if they don’t, have them read the 12 Rules Every Bridesmaid Should Live By! Lol.).

Have you found your bridesmaid dresses? Let us know where in the comments section! 

For Classic Bridesmaid Styles

Weddington Way's Alfred Angelo 7180S, $164
Weddington Way’s Alfred Angelo 7180S, $164

Weddington Way

Budget: From $99-$270
Weddington Way makes it super easy for you to shop and collaborate WITH your bridesmaids for their dresses. Figure out which dress is right for you by picking out your colors, theme, and desired style, then choose from their exclusive line or other bridesmaid dress designers such as Watters and Alfred Angelo.

bridesmaid dresses
J. Crew’s ‘The Cassie’ dress in slub silk, $250


Budget: From $79 (on sale) to $365
The J.Crew wedding shop is a savior for a lot of brides and bridesmaids looking for a classic look from a brand they know and love. Shop by color, fabric, and silhouette to find the perfect bridesmaid dress (and even look for a J.Crew wedding dress while you’re at it!).

bridesmaid dresses
Ann Taylor’s Embroidered Organza Sheer Yoke dress, $275

Ann Taylor

Budget: From $150-$365
The store you’ve known since you were a child (I remember my mom taking me to their section in a department store ALL THE TIME) also has a nice selection of bridesmaid dresses. Their prices tend to be a little on the higher side, so be on the lookout for their sales. Your friends could also consider opening an Ann Taylor credit card for an extra 15% their purchase the day they sign-up.

For a Huge Variety of Designers

bridesmaid dresses
Joanna August ‘Kimberly’ cap sleeve dress, $285, (via ShopBop)


Budget: From $121 to $630
Shopbop has a decent selection of bridesmaid dresses in interesting styles, though they are definitely on the pricier side. They can be limited in their sizes, so be sure to coordinate with your bridesmaids beforehand and make sure they all purchase as soon as possible (and that their size is available before you decide on a dress). Free 3-day shipping (2-day if you have Amazon Prime!) and free returns mean if something does happen and a style or size doesn’t workout, you and your friends are covered.

Lauren Ralph Lauren One-shoulder evening gown, $190 at Macy's (via ShopStyle)
Lauren Ralph Lauren One-shoulder evening gown, $190 at Macy’s (via ShopStyle)


Budget: From $30-$2,500 (for black-tie gowns)
I’m a big fan of using Shopstyle as a search engine for great dresses (in fact, I find most of the bridesmaid dresses I feature there!). You can search by price, style, color, and designer, and it will display your top choices at an array of stores like Nordstrom, BHLDN, Neiman Marcus, Asos, and more. So it’s a great way to filter through a lot of selections without having to stop at each store’s website. As with Shopbop or other shops that don’t specialize in bridesmaid dresses, you’ll want to make sure you coordinate with your bridesmaids to make sure everybody gets the size they need (and on time).

For Something They’ll Definitely Wear Again

bridesmaid dresses
BHLDN’s ‘Ascott’ dress, $360


Budget: From $160-$370
Featuring designer exclusives and truly unique styles, this is where your bridesmaids shop for a bridesmaid dress that they can easily wear to another wedding, cocktail party, or formal event.

Anthropologie's 'Starflower' scalloped dress, $198
Anthropologie’s ‘Starflower’ scalloped dress, $198


Budget: From $168-$1295
BHLDN is great, but it will never replace our love for Anthropologie (the two are owned by the same company). They are still my favorite resource for unique dresses and tops (like this peplum top, which I think would totally work for a bridesmaid outfit). Make your search easier by looking in their Occasion & Cocktail section.

For Dresses No Other Bridesmaids Will Have

bridesmaid dress
Navy bridesmaid dresses from Etsy seller thejerseymaid, $75


Budget: From $40 up (price varies based on independent sellers)
Etsy is a great resource for bridesmaid dresses from indie designers who can customize a look just for you. Be sure to check out each seller’s reviews, and talk to the designer beforehand to let her know your wedding date and ask any questions you might have about fabric, styles, etc.

ModCloth's 'Rosette Yourself Apart Dress' by Ryu, $104.99
ModCloth’s ‘Rosette Yourself Apart Dress’ by Ryu, $104.99


Budget: From $14.99-$694
The Indie e-retailer features dresses from a variety of designers with a vintage flair. Make sure your bridesmaids act fast if you find something you like on here: they have a tendency to sell out quick!

bridesmaid dresses
Dorothy Perkins orange split sleeve shift dress, $44

Dorothy Perkins

Budget: From $29-$135
A search through their “Going Out” dresses will yield some fun results (such as this short orange number, which I kind of love). While they’ve got a good selection of sizes, because they don’t have a dedicated bridesmaids section, you’ll be sorting through a lot of styles until you find the perfect one.

For Something Hip and Trendy

floral bridesmaid dresses
ASOS Pretty Floral Rose Bandeau Midi Prom dress, $154


Budget: From $22-$499
This is where you go when you’re looking for unique and modern bridesmaid dresses that your friends will definitely wear again (and they won’t break the bank doing it).

bridesmaid dresses purple
Reformation’s ‘Estella’ dress, $268


Budget: From $248-$368
If you pick a bridesmaid dress from here, trust me, your friends will thank you. They have styles that would be welcome at any party you’d want to be at (and of course your wedding), and their clothes are eco-friendly.

For a Budget-Friendly (and Still Stylish) Dress

David's Bridal Long Crinkle Chiffon Column Gown with Sash by White by Vera Wang, $189.95
David’s Bridal Long Crinkle Chiffon Column Gown with Sash by White by Vera Wang, $189.95

David’s Bridal

Budget: From $29.99-$329
If I could tell any store, “You’ve come a long way, baby,” it would be David’s Bridal. Between their designer collaborations (Vera Wang, Zac Posen) and their low prices, it’s hard not to put them on your list of must-visit websites for bridesmaid dresses.

cheap bridesmaid dresses
Target’s Chiffon halter maxi bridesmaid dress by Tevolio, $79.99


Budget: From $55-$130
Yes, Target has bridesmaid dresses! If you’re looking for a simple and inexpensive design in a pretty color, this should be your first stop.

For Something Chic and Romantic 

floral bridesmaid dresses
Plum Pretty Sugar’s ‘Couture’ line of dresses, $380

Plum Pretty Sugar

Budget: From $124 (for a set of 2 bridesmaid dresses) to $380/each for the couture line
The Plum Pretty Sugar Couture Bridesmaid collection is beyond gorgeous. While it’s on the pricier side, I could see wearing any one of their styles to a wedding or other formal spring/summer event. It’s definitely an investment piece that can get a lot of use! They also sell more casual bridesmaid sets, featuring everything from mini-dresses to shirt dresses in fun patterns.

lauren conrad bridesmaid dresses
Paper Crown’s ‘Hannah’ Dress, $298.00

Lauren Conrad’s Paper Crown

Budget: From $220-$325
While the collection is still growing, Lauren Conrad’s debut line of bridesmaid dresses definitely has a style/color for every wedding theme. I can especially see these dresses being worn at a beach or garden wedding, given their drapey silhouettes and soft colors.

For Dresses You Can Rent

rent bridesmaid dresses
Rent the Runway’s Halston Heritage ‘Berkshires’ dress. Rent it for $65 or buy it for $445

Rent the Runway

Budget: From $35-$160
If your bridesmaids are super picky and want to wear something stylish without spending a lot of money, this is a good option. Even though I’m still on the fence about spending money on a dress I’ll have to return, there are some inexpensive options here (like the one pictured) which are definitely worth looking at. P.S.,: This probably isn’t the best option if you have more than 3-4 bridesmaids, as they don’t have an unlimited inventory.

rent bridesmaid dresses
Union Station’s Olivia Dress in Slate. Rent it for $75 or buy for $185

Union Station

Budget: From $50-$75 for rentals, and $150-$185 for retail
The great thing about Union Station (former Little Borrowed Dress) is that your bridesmaids have the choice of renting or buying the same dress. If it’s at least three months before your wedding Union Station can guarantee it will be in stock (and if not they’ll work with you around what they do have). After you’ve selected your dresses you register your bridesmaids, and from there Union Station will coordinate their fit, style, and make sure the dresses arrive on time.

jim hjelm bridesmaid dresses
Vow to Be Chic’s Jim Hjelm ‘Sky’ dress. Rent it for $95 or buy it for $190

Vow to Be Chic

Budget: From $95-$125 for rentals, and $189-$445 for retail
Choose between designers such as Jill Stuart and Nicole Miller for super stylish bridesmaid dresses (and little white dresses that you can wear to a bridal shower or rehearsal dinner). Like Union Station,  there is a “rent” or “buy” option. If you decide to rent, you can go with their “Rent With Try-On” option, which will ship you two sizes to try on, then you send them both back and tell them which one fits best. They will then ship the dress back to you one week before your event. Or you can buy one of their dresses like a regular online store.

While we only link to products and services we think you will love, some of the links on our site are monetized. If you click on the link and make a purchase we may receive a commission, which helps us keep bringing great content to you! All opinions are our own.

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  1. says: Kalyn

    The dress that I got was the wrong size even though I used their measurement chart online. When I contacted them to see what they could do, they refused to exchange the dress and after a lot of fighting with them I was only able to get a 25% refund. I then had to get it tailored and the $100 dress ended up being a total of $300 with tailoring to get it to the right size. When I went to the tailor she said the hem was lopsided. So I spent $300 on a shoddily made dress. I will NEVER use this company again and would not recommend it to anyone.
    Also, LaLa Mira apparently filters through reviews on their website, as my 1 star review is not able to be seen publicly, but a 5 start review that showed up just a few days after I posted the bad review is able to be seen publicly. So don’t trust their reviews.

  2. says: Kalyn

    Avoid Lalamira.com!!!!! The dress that I got was the wrong size even though I used their measurement chart online. When I contacted them to see what they could do, they refused to exchange the dress and after a lot of fighting with them I was only able to get a 25% refund. I then had to get it tailored and the $100 dress ended up being a total of $300 with tailoring to get it to the right size. When I went to the tailor she said the hem was lopsided. So I spent $300 on a shoddily made dress. I will NEVER use this company again and would not recommend it to anyone.

  3. says: Justin Boggs

    Thanks for the warning Nicole.

    My wife’s name is also Nicole

    We just got married this past September, and she ended up placing a custom order through Style&Pose. I think we paid like $800 for 7 dresses, which also included shipping to Riverside,CA from Israel, since the designer lives in Tel Aviv.

  4. says: Nicole


    My friend was getting married and I am her curviest bridesmaid. 38DD, normally a 12 or 14 dress size, but LBD’s dress sizes are terribly inaccurate! Check the measurements! I did, and, to my fear, their “16/18” dress size was not large enough for my bust. I called them (I’m in CA, they’re in NY), explained my sizing situation, and asked what happens if I rent their largest size and it doesn’t fit? The girl on the phone says that I can exchange it for another size… But if I get the largest size and it’s too small, how can I exchange it for a larger size? Idiot. I asked if they had larger sizes. They told me they do not, and THEY GET ASKED THAT QUESTION ALL THE TIME AND HAVEN’T MADE LARGER SIZES. So, basically, they do not care if you’re curvy at all. I asked if there was a way that they could send me a dress just to try on that I could send back immediately, just to be able to see if I could squeeze into it. No. Do you have any stores on the West Coast? No. Is there any way I could try it on somehow??? No. So if I rent, when will the dress arrive? 2 weeks before the wedding. She said that if it doesn’t fit, I could turn the $75 rental into a $200 purchase and have it altered. 2 WEEKS BEFORE THE WEDDING I’M SUPPOSED TO HAVE IT ALTERED?!?!? That’s insane. I asked if there was any kind of price break, since the rented dress would be used? Nope. You purchase at full price a dress that someone else has sweated in. Gross. The only option I saw was to purchase the dress at full price, so that it would be a brand-new dress and it would arrive a full month before the wedding. I ordered the Hillary dress because I figured the strapless was my best bet at having enough space for my cleavage. (I wanted something with sleeves, but they don’t have any sleeved dresses).

    I received a tracking number that my order was ready to ship. I waited. A week went by. The tracking number said that my package had never been picked up, only the number had been created. I tried calling. No one answered, no answering machine. I tried email. No response. THEY NEVER CHECK THEIR EMAILS. After a week of calling, I FINALLY got a hold of someone – it turned out one of their employees SIMPLY DECIDED THAT MY DRESS WAS A RENTAL AND NOT A PURCHASE SO THEY WEREN’T GOING TO SEND IT TO ME UNTIL IT WOULD BE 2 WEEKS BEFORE THE WEDDING INSTEAD OF THE MONTH I WAS PROMISED. INSANE!!! Thank goodness I was able to finally get a hold of someone!

    When it FINALLY arrived, I could squeeze into it just enough to make it work, thank goodness. But it was not pretty. (Thank goodness I bought a miraculous longline bra from Strut in LB.) The workmanship was ABYSMAL! The breast padding was sewn in badly so that the top rolled down, the hem at the bottom of both types of material was disastrously crooked – for a $200 dress sewn to order, it was pretty cheaply made. And ALL of the dresses in the bridal party were like that. A couple had really crappy zippers that we had to struggle with too. Also, the dress length on their website is called “regular” and “long”, and being short at 5’3″ I ordered the “regular” – but it would be more accurate to call the lengths “long” and “longer” – it was a trip hazard for everyone in the party! Only the 5″ heels that I bought would have made the dress length workable. I decided to do a temporary hem instead. The only good thing about the dress was that the color was beautiful (plum).

    *Fellow Bridesmaids:
    Everyone else rented (except for one bridesmaid who hit “purchase” by mistake, and LBD wouldn’t turn it into a rental so she was stuck with the purchase. Lovely customer service). But only 1 of the other 5 dresses arrived on time. Thank goodness I called, because it sounded like THEY HAD FORGOTTEN TO SHIP THE OTHER DRESSES!!! They said that they would ship that day and we would receive them the next day, which means they had to ship them overnight BECAUSE THEY FORGOT!!! The other bridesmaids who had sent emails never received a reply.

    The one star is because Rachel was nice enough to turn my purchase into a rental since I wasn’t going to alter it. She also sent me some extra fabric: I wanted to make a bolero (and basically make my own “sleeves” since they don’t have a dress style for that).

    If you absolutely cannot convince your bride to choose bridesmaid dresses from somewhere else, be sure to keep a close eye on your order. Call, do not email (not once did any of us ever receive an emailed reply, I don’t think they even monitor their email account). If you’re bustier than a 38DD there is no way in hell the dress will fit you. I highly recommend Hollywood Fashion Secrets Temporary Hem Tape so that you can hem the dress to the proper length since you’re not allowed to use any kind of pin or safety pin in the dress. And I suggest Hollywood Fashion Secrets Fashion Tape to ensure the fabric sticks to your skin. Good luck.