The One Problem with Champagne Bridesmaid Dresses

Champagne bridesmaid dresses are quickly becoming one of THE most popular choices today. The biggest problem? Trying to decipher exactly what color champagne is can be tricky, especially if your bridesmaids are sent out to buy their own. But don’t worry! We’ve created some color guidance for you, along with a few of our favorite picks. Read on for more!

This color can be considered champagne. Via Birdy Grey.

Why You Should Consider Champagne Bridesmaid Dresses

The beauty of picking a color such as champagne for your bridesmaid dresses is that they go with so many wedding themes! The neutral color is a safer choice than white for your wedding (though that can be ultra chic as well), and the color is flattering on practically every skin tone. The color is subtle and looks beautiful across a wide variety of fabrics, especially those with sequins or beaded embellishments for some extra glam.

When You Should’t Choose Champagne Bridesmaid Dresses

If you know the exact dress you want your bridesmaid dresses to wear, then champagne is a great color choice. The problem is when you let your bridesmaids choose their own dresses. The reason that’s a bad idea 99% of the time is because champagne can be drastically different from one designer to the next. So while having your bridesmaids choose their own dresses usually works out great when your color choice is blush, black, navy, purple or red, champagne tends to be a color that is open to interpretation. Another color choice that tends to fall in the same category is gold (especially sequins!). But thankfully we have a workaround for that.

What Color is Champagne? And How to Choose the Right Shade

When choosing the perfect champagne bridesmaid dresses, you’ll want to first have a good understanding of exactly what the color is.

Champagne ranges from shades of pale yellow and orange to whites that could also be characterized as beige or even greige. Here’s a look at a champagne palette with its’ various HEX colors, below.

A range of various ‘champagne’ colors

You might also see color palettes that look more blush than champagne, and that can commonly be referred to as “pink champagne.” However, the traditional champagne color is more creamy than pink. You might also see other champagne variations, such as “champagne beige” or even “champagne grey.”

The shade of champagne you pick should ultimately work well with your other wedding colors. Warmer wedding colors (oranges, reds, and yellows) would look great with a champagne that leans more towards beige. Cooler wedding colors (blue, purple, pink) on the other hand look beautiful with lighter shades of champagne (like those on the right half of the palette above).

Champagne colors also work with various textures as well. Sequin, foil, satin, tulle, and other fabrics (or paper for your wedding invites) all look beautiful in champagne tones.

This illusion tulle from Etsy would be beautiful for champagne bridesmaid dresses.

Our Favorite Champagne Bridesmaid Dresses

When searching online for champagne bridesmaid dresses, you can also try looking for colors such as beige and oyster, as well as ivory. Plus, don’t forget this bridal styling tip: Tie in your white wedding dress (literally) with champagne bridesmaid dresses by incorporating a champagne or beige color bridal sash or wedding dress belt.

Here’s a few of our recent bridesmaid dress finds in a champagne pallet. Want to see if they fit in with your wedding theme? Make a Pinterest board to see how it all works together.

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