9 Coral Bridesmaid Dresses for Every Wedding Style

Coral is not a color I automatically think about when it comes to wedding colors, but as soon as I see it I tend to immediately go, “Yesssss. It’s perfect!” Especially when it comes to coral bridesmaid dresses.

Coral bridesmaid dresses, I think, have way more visual interest than blush bridesmaid dresses (even though I still love them), and are a great excuse to incorporate the color all over your wedding. Flowers, napkins, jewelry, even lipstick all look amazing in coral. And having coral bridesmaid dresses is a great place to start!

It’s a little tricky to shop for coral bridesmaid dresses as everybody’s interpretation of coral can be a little different. Some see coral as being a little more orange…some see it being more pink. After looking for coral bridesmaid dresses online I noticed that I started pulling dresses that were even more peach. In fact the coral color family is technically pretty broad, so it’s hard to go wrong with something in the pink/orange/or even red color family. It’s definitely a color that you can have bridesmaids get varying colors of!

Below are a few of my favorite online finds for coral bridesmaid dresses. I think that all of these could work for pretty much any wedding venue or style, since the color is rich enough to dress up, and bright enough to dress down, too.

Looking for something different? We’ve rounded up our favorite blue bridesmaid dresses and purple bridesmaid dresses for under $200, too!

Have you decided on your bridesmaid colors yet? Let us know what they are in the comments section!

Little Mistress Coral Bridesmaid Dress
Little Mistress Bridesmaid Dress

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