Your Easy Guide to Wedding Thank You Cards

Wedding thank you cards are more important than you think. For all the wedding gifts I’ve bought for friends over the years, I can STILL remember the two times I never received a thank you note. Considering how forgetful I am about a gazillion other things in my life, the fact that I still remember THAT was motivation enough for me to make sure I wrote everyone a thank you note…and promptly!

Guests are spending time and money celebrating your wedding, which means you’ll want to thank them sincerely for everything they do. In this article you’ll find our tips for what to write in your thank you card, when to send them, and which type of cards are the best.

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When Should You Send Your Thank You Cards?

The general rule of thumb when it comes to wedding thank you cards is that you have three months after the wedding to send them, though if it were up to us we’d make sure they were sent out a lot sooner. Ideally, you should send your notes within three weeks of receiving your gift. In fact, you’re actually doing the BEST thing by sending your wedding thank you cards out soon as you get the gifts!

Trust us when we say it’s SO much easier to write your thank-you notes as you get the gifts, rather than wait until they all pile up and all of a sudden you have 100 to write! We all know that time can be an issue, but setting aside 15 minutes before you go to bed to write three thank-you notes that you can mail out in the morning will be a gesture appreciated not only by your guests, but by you after your wedding is over!

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Can I Just Send an E-mail or Text Instead of a Handwritten Note?

An e-mail or text is fine ONLY to acknowledge that you’ve received a gift and to let the gift-giver know a formal thank you is coming. A text, Facebook message, or e-mail as your only ‘Thank You’ is, in our opinion, not enough (and traditional wedding etiquette will back us up on this). Here’s a schedule we suggest if you can’t write a formal ‘Thank You’ (handwritten note) right away:

Within a week of receiving your gift:

Send a text or e-mail saying something along the lines of: “Thank you SO much for the beautiful decanter! A formal thank you is coming soon but I wanted to let you know we received it and loved it. Thank you!”

Within a month of receiving your gift:

Mail a personalized, handwritten thank-you card to the gift-giver. Read our tips on how to write the perfect wedding thank you note here.

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What Should I Say in a Wedding Thank You Card?

The goal is to write a sincere, heartfelt note that doesn’t sound like a robot wrote it. Make sure you personalize it as much as you can. Include details about the gift you received, and how you plan on using it. However, if you received a check, do not include the amount. Instead, say something along the lines of…

Thank you so much for the generous wedding check. We are very appreciative, and plan on using it towards a new home soon.

Another important thing to remember? If you’re sending thank you cards before the wedding, include in the note how you are looking forward to celebrating with them. If it’s after, make sure to tell them how much you enjoyed celebrating with them.

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What Kind of Thank You Card Should I Send?

Cute custom notes with wedding photos are fun, but they make take too long to receive since photos aren’t typically given to you for at least a few weeks. Engagement photos, on the other hand, work great! If you don’t want to use photos, consider ordering thank you notes that match your wedding invites. Or, you could order custom stationary ahead of time with your new married monogram. Otherwise, store bought thank you cards are just as great! People care less about what they look like, and more about the message inside!

Who Gets a Thank You Card?

Everyone who gave a gift, whether it was 20 dollars or that new KitchenAid mixer, should receive a thank you note. If someone gave a gift for your shower and your wedding, they should receive one for each gift. You should also consider sending thank you notes to your vendors! Read our tips on how to thank you wedding vendors here.

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