What Grooms Are Really Thinking When You Walk Down the Aisle

We all wonder about it…how are we going to feel as we walk down THAT aisle. And even more so, how is our future spouse going to feel when he/she sees us walking down the aisle. Will they cry? Smile? Laugh? Here’s what grooms are really thinking when you walk down the aisle.

That’s why it’s awesome to read these real reactions from married men on Reddit about what they were thinking when they saw their wives walking down the aisle for the first time. Some of these DEFINITELY made us tear up.

“I can say this without a doubt, because it just happened about 6 hrs ago. I had seen her before the wedding. Her hair was done, in a way that I had never seen. She had more makeup on than I would ever fathom her wearing… and it wasn’t much. (She has a beautiful natural complexion). But when I should there, eager to see her in that dress, and finally saw her, she looked absolutely beautiful.

She looked perfect, completely flawless and walked down the aisle with the most amazing stride. All I could think is “I couldn’t imagine her any more gorgeous. Just jaw-dropping sexy and beautiful… and that is MY wife. I get to marry her. And I get to spend the rest of my days.. with HER…I couldn’t take my sight off of her the rest of the evening. People would talk to me, I’d address them, but I just couldn’t stop remembering that moment when her dad came through the door with her. It was a moment I’ll cherish and never forget.”-Mangonesailor

“All the nerves that had gathered that morning dissipated when I saw her. It was like ‘Aw, here comes my best friend, and she looks happy to be marrying me. How did I get so lucky?’. 20+ years later, she’s still my best friend, and I still feel lucky every day. (Not every minute – that would be corny – but definitely every day.)”-MisterBigDude

“Don’t pass out!!”-put_the_punny_down

“Just got married in July. 72 hours before our wedding, my fiancée and I went to the doctor for the first ultrasound of our 12 week old baby. There was no heartbeat. She was in surgery the next day for a D&E procedure. On the morning of our wedding, she spent three hours in the ER dealing with post-surgery complications, but she rallied and we got married as scheduled. As she walked down the aisle, none of our guests knew about her ordeal except for our family and best friends. We all teared up, knowing what she was going through. We got married on the beach in Cape Cod, so it was a long walk across the sand. As she approached, all I could think about was how fucking much I love her. What a strong, beautiful, and amazing woman.”-velospeed

“I was thinking about what a jerk her dad is. We got married in a friend’s backyard and the heels on her shoes kept getting stuck in the grass. She took about 3 steps before kicking her shoes off and going barefoot. Most of the guests smiled at that. Her dad rolled his eyes. He can never not be an ass.”-HumanFundRecipient

“The Looney Tunes theme. Really. I’m an idiot. But hey, still married.”-BoB_nugget

“My god, she’s beautiful. Don’t cry, don’t cry, don’t cry… Fuck. I’m crying. Oh well, maybe I can get it out now before I say my vows… She’s here. Let’s do this shit! OK, say the vows and don’t fuck up.”-RiggRMortis

“30 years for me…I can still see her standing there…absolutely burned in my brain, along with the birth of our children. She was (and is) so beautiful…I felt (and feel) so lucky. It was like the whole world was gray, and as she walked toward me, the world became color in her path. I can’t even imagine the kind of man I would be without her.”-Mrmidhoratio

“Look at that beautiful idiot. What a fool she is showing up here.”-uhhnox

“You are Celtic Royalty and she is a Mayan Princess.” (We are neither)-Book8

“I was thinking, ‘So this is it. I’ve finally did it. This beautiful woman is mine. Wait, fuck, she’s falling. Try not to laugh. Don’t laugh. Shit, I’m laughing.'”-TheMuffinguy

“My mom gave me a big sobbing hug before the wedding party started walking down, so I was a sobbing mess by the time the music for my wife hit. My mind was racing between, ‘I hope she doesn’t trip.’ and ‘Why isn’t she crying as much as me.’-twuewuv

“I’m not an emotional guy; didn’t shed a tear when my first child was born. But when I first saw my wife before she walked down the isle my thought was ‘all of this is for her, all the people, decorations, music, etc…, and she deserves it.’ That brought a tear to my eye. The realization that she deserved every bit of the results of months of planning, thousands of dollars and endless coordination/ accommodation. It surprised me.”-FredwasaGoodDog

Get out of the way people, I can’t see her. I’m short.-Mrniceguyben

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