14 Handsome Wedding Day Looks to Inspire Your Groom

When you start planning your wedding, you might notice that you’re more into mens suits and fashion then you’ve ever been before. That’s because you want your future hubs to look just as amazing as you do, and he might need a wee bit of help in that department.

While some grooms might be more into fashion than you are, mens suits and other wedding day fashion is something you can both weigh in on (vs. showing your future husband all your favorite wedding dress looks). Which is why it helps to have a few suggestions as to what you might both love.

Before you start shopping for mens suits (or tuxedos…or the perfect dress shirt) it’s a great idea to have an idea of what you’re looking for. Check out the gallery above to see a few of our favorite mens suits and other wedding days looks. Whether you’re looking for tweed or linen, keep in mind that you’ll want to take into account not only your wedding venue and color palette, but the time of year you’re saying “I Do!”

Let us know which of the mens suits and wedding day fashions above are your favorites!

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