Wedding Shoes: 29 Perfect Flats

I’m pretty tall (6′ 1″), which means that flats and I have had a deep and meaningful relationship spanning over two decades now. Yes, I love heels and am not afraid to wear them, but I see my flats 6 days a week, sometimes 7. It’s pretty serious.

Flat Bridal Shoes
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While some of you wouldn’t dream of wearing flats on your wedding day, there are a lot of you bride-to-bes who are still searching for the perfect pair of flat wedding shoes. And I can definitely relate! Not only will your feet be less likely to feel like they were run over by a car at the end of the night, but flat wedding shoes are especially great if you’re getting married on the beach, in a garden, or have to do a lot of walking from your ceremony to your reception location (like in New Orleans or other cities). Flat wedding shoes are pretty awesome, which is why we went on the hunt for the perfect pair and came up with 29 options!

Even though nude, silver, and gold wedding shoes are always classic, blue and even plaid patterned shoes (like the ones below) are always fun options. Just make sure that whichever shoe you try on is super comfortable from the get-go. You will be in these things for HOURS talking, dancing, and maybe even eating. And believe it or not, closed-toe flats can be some of the hardest wedding shoes on your feet, so keep that in mind when you shop!

In terms of style I would look for something more structured and in materials that are more textured or have a sheen to them. I’m also really loving the jelly styles that several shoe designers have…they could be perfect for a beach wedding! And even though several of these wedding shoes are super pricey, the good news about flats is that the chances you’ll actually wear them again (as opposed to other wedding shoes) are super high!

And one more wedding shoe tip: If you buy plain wedding flats on the cheap, you can easily dress them up with a fancy schmancy shoe clip. Check out Etsy for some gorgeous ones!

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