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White Wedding Jumpsuit

If the past few years have taught us anything, it’s that we have to adapt. And brides can certainly appreciate that now more than ever! Not only have wedding dates had to be changed (often two or three times), but invitations, wedding venues, and vendors have, too. Another thing that’s changed when it comes to how brides are planning their wedding now? The traditional wedding dress. While dreamy wedding gowns will always have their place, we are seeing more and more brides opt for fashion that feels more modern and fluid. Nothing quite fits that more than wedding pantsuits!

Bridal pantsuits and jumpsuits aren’t new, per se. We’ve been seeing them on runways for several years now. They’ve also been a great alternative to the “little white dress” for bridal showers, engagement parties, and bachelorette parties. But more and more brides are seeing them as a chic and non-traditional option to a wedding dress, including celebrities like Solange, Amal Clooney (to their civil ceremony), and Emily Ratajkowski, who donned a mustard-color suit for her courthouse wedding.

Considering wedding pantsuits are also less expensive-with prices ranging from $400-$1,500+ depending on the fabric, detail, and designer—what’s not to love?

How to Style Wedding Pantsuits and Jumpsuits

First, we should talk about the difference between wedding pantsuits and jumpsuits. A wedding pantsuit is two pieces, usually a jacket and pants. A wedding jumpsuit, on the other hand, is one piece. Typically, a jumpsuit will have long pants and long sleeves and a romper or playdress/playsuit would have short pants or sleeves. However, we’ve seen plenty of strapless jumpsuits, so don’t get too caught up in the terminology.

The reason why wedding pantsuits are soaring in popularity is because they’re extremely versatile. If you buy one for a pre-wedding event or the wedding itself, chances are extremely high you’ll wear it again. I own a great, off-white crepe jumpsuit from J. Crew that I wear multiple times each summer. I can dress it up or dress it down depending on my shoes (heels or sandals), jewelry (diamonds or pearls vs. silver hoops), and purses. You can do the same for your wedding or wedding-related events!

Don’t Be Afraid to Mix it Up

A handful of wedding designers are also creating wedding pantsuits that can work with detachable skirts. Meaning you can wear the skirt over your jumpsuit for the ceremony, and take it off for the reception (or vice versa!).

And while wedding pantsuits and jumpsuits are a more common choice for the actual wedding day, a jacket/skirt combo or romper is a great option for warmer weather, especially for the bridal shower or bachelorette party. Don’t be afraid to go short! Remember Olivia Palermo’s wedding shorts?!

The bottom line? Wedding pantsuits are an easy, flexible option for brides who are looking for a more casual alternative to a wedding dress. Or with a detachable skirt, a little bit of “old” and “new” fashion mixed together. They work across a variety of venues and dates, and with so much changing these days, they’re able to easily change with you…no matter where or when you say “I Do!”

Just one more tip before we go! If you’re on the taller or shorter side, be sure to measure your inseam before you buy online. One-piece jumpsuits are harder to alter than a dress, and your measurements should be taken into account. As someone who is tall, I can tell you that the majority of jumpsuits don’t look great on me. So make sure you inquire with an online stylist, or at the very least check a brand’s fit guide to make sure the piece will work for you.

The Best Wedding Pantsuits Online

We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite wedding pantsuits and jumpsuits, below, that will work across a variety of budgets. If you’re starting your search, some of our favorite brands making affordable versions include ASOS, Reformation, and BHLDN. If you want to shop in person, you can also find several bridal designers who make white pantsuits and jumpsuits, including Galia Lahav, Naeem Khan, Watters, Elie Saab, and Theia.

Little Mistress Bridal Tailored Suit Blazer
Little Mistress Bridal tailored suit blazer in ivory – part of a set, $122

Wedding Pantsuit FAQ

Are pantsuits appropriate for weddings?

This question applies to both the bride and wedding guests, and guess what? The answer is the same! A bride can absolutely rock a pantsuit in lieu of a traditional wedding dress. And, for a semi-formal, formal, or even black-tie wedding, an elegant pantsuit is perfectly acceptable wedding guest attire as well.

Can the mother of the bride wear a pantsuit?

Yes! An elegant pantsuit works for any wedding guest, bride, or mother of the bride or groom. We suggest a pantsuit in an unexpected color or fabric, like a copper silk shantung suit for fall, or a blush or sage green for spring or summer.

Why is it called a pantsuit?

Traditionally, a woman’s suit was considered to be a jacket and skirt. However in the 1920’s the pantsuit-featuring pants instead of a skirt—became more popular. Marlene Dietrich was actually one of the first women to make the pantsuit “trendy.”

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