Couples Say These Are the Wedding Expenses They Regret The Most

You shouldn’t go into your wedding day thinking about what could go wrong, nor should you spend time thinking about what you could’ve done or not done throughout the planning process AFTER your big day. However, it’s always helpful to get some perspective from other couples who have been through it— like the fact that over a quarter of those who got married in the last 10 years say they wish they would’ve spent less overall, according to a new survey from Novi Money

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For more on the wedding expenses that couples thought were worth the cost, to those they would have cut, keep reading, below!


Worth the Cost

Nearly 57% of brides who took the survey said the wedding dress was TOTALLY worth it. Wedding flowers ranked higher than wedding videography, a wedding planner, wedding favors, and a champagne toast — all of which earned some 30 percent of couples’ votes.

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Not Worth the Cost

Though some thought that having a wedding planner paid off, more than 48 percent of survey respondents said the cost of a planner was one of the wedding expenses they felt was not worth the splurge. The other costs found at the bottom of the “worth it” ranking also topped the “not worth it” list, with videography slightly beating out wedding favors and the champagne toast. Twenty-nine percent of respondents dubbed flowers as not worth the cost, followed by photography at 26 percent.


Priorities for a “Do-Over” Wedding

Novi Money asked couples what they’d do differently to lower costs if they could do their wedding over again. More than 68 percent of respondents said they would have done at least one thing differently, and went up to over 77 percent for couples who spent at least $10,000 on their big day. The biggest thing they would have changed? They would have opted for a smaller guest list in order to save money, followed by choosing a cheaper venue, a smaller wedding party, and finally choosing to elope instead. Other responses included using more DIY or used wedding decor, and choosing to have a weekday or off-season wedding instead to save money.

Other Findings

The group of survey respondents who regretted the amount of money they spent on their wedding most? Turns out those who spent more than $50,000 on their wedding day were the ones who would have made the most amount of changes.

The bottom line? Stick to your wedding budget and always try to save whenever possible. This way you can go into your wedding day (and your married life) happy with the decisions you’ve made. No wedding is worth going into debt for, so just plan wisely!

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