How to Plan a Wedding in a Week, Pt. 2

Editors Note: This is a vintage WomanGettingMarried post from 2010 but we thought we’d keep it around for fun! Enjoy!

Um, all I can say is I’M EXHAUSTED.

I got back from Miami (where the wedding is going to be) on Saturday, and feel like I’ve been in a wedding tornado!

While my 10 days down there was exhausting, it was also really rewarding. I’m relieved AND excited to finally have a date, venue, and everything else finally in place. Since my last post, I’ve  made some planning progress. I’ve booked the photographer, finalized the wedding menu, sent out my save the dates (right in the nick of time!), bought my wedding dress and veil, completed my wedding website and registry, and started a whole slew of other things on my to-do list. Here’s what else I was able to accomplish in 10 days.

Decide On a Color Scheme

I actually got my inspiration from stamps I used on my Save the Dates. I also realized that strangely enough, my wedding website had the same colors. Since I’m having a Fall wedding with a sort of Renaissance/rustic Italian villa vibe (more on that later), I thought these colors would work perfectly.

Fall Wedding Colors Inspiration

Start Thinking about Table Décor

This is a work in progress, but I’ve finally been able to figure out how I want the tables to look. One of the things I love about my venue is that they have these amazing farm tables instead of the round tables with linens on them that you see everywhere. Paired with a modern Phillipe Starck Bo chair, it’s a great mix between rustic and modern and I want to carry that over on the table settings as well.

Phillipe Starck Bo chair
Bo Chair

I went to the local Anthropologie store for inspiration, and they were extremely helpful. A saleswoman was helping us with a few questions, and actually brought the creative director out to speak with us, who normally does the in-store displays. If you’re looking for some free help from an expert, try doing this in your local store! She actually gave us some great ideas, and who doesn’t love that store? I’d like to live in one of their catalogues.

Since I have a farm table at home, I am going to try and set up a “test” table so I can start to get an idea of what my ideas will look like together. I’ll post the results as soon as I finish!

Figure Out the Flower Situation

I met with several florists when I was down in Miami, and of course I was shocked at the prices they gave me! There is no way I am spending thousands of dollars on flowers. Mostly because when looking through these florists’ portfolios, I wanted to gag. I HATE those tall centerpieces that everybody and their mother has at weddings and other events. To me they’re like the teased bangs of the 80’s. Gross.

I actually want my flowers to look natural, not like some superhuman creation that Edward Scissorhands could have made. Because of this, I’ve decided not to go with one florist for the event, and instead get my flowers from a wholesaler and hire a designer from there who can do simple arrangements (such as roses cut short… That’s it!). I want the flowers on tables to look like I did them myself (and that I have some skills. LOL). I *might* hire a florist to do flowers for the huppah and entry to the venue, but that’s it.

I still have lots to do (like finalize a cocktail hour band and dj, and find a reasonable hair and makeup person), but other than that, I would say I’ve planned 80% of my wedding in a week. Not bad!

Next up? Invitations.

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