Are Couples Having Sex On Their Wedding Night?

Wedding Night Sex

Growing up, we tend to envision our wedding night as a tear-off-your-clothes romantic love fest. As a newlywed (you imagine) you’ll barely be able to keep your hands off your now husband or wife. Well, according to a new study, that scenario just ain’t so.

A survey conducted by U.K. company Voucher Codes Pro polled more than 2,000 couples over the past three years, and found that a shocking 52% of couples do not have sex on their wedding night. Why the hell not, you ask? Well, the reason behind the lack of nookie varies, and breaks down as follows:

  • 24% of couples did not have sex because the groom was drunk
  • 13% did not have sex because the bride was drunk
  • 11% of couples had to put the kids to bed

Another reason couples failed to consummate the marriage on their wedding night is because they’ve been consummating for months. The study revealed that 95% of couples had sex before marriage, and 48% of women between 2006-2010 moved in with a man they were in a relationship with. Sorry, Grandma.

So what does that mean for all you bride-to-be’s planning your wedding night? My advice is to not put any pressure on yourselves! I for one planned on having a storybook wedding night, complete with fancy lingerie and whatever else would set the mood. But between my aching feet and an overwhelming rush of emotion now that we were actually married, it wasn’t until we checked out of our wedding night hotel and settled back into our own bed that we did the deed (again).

Sorry, Grandma.

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