We Finally Found a 4th Anniversary Gift That Isn’t Boring

Traditionally, the 4th anniversary gift theme is fruit and flowers, while the modern theme is to gift appliances. While fruit, flowers and appliances may seem like an odd pairing at first, it opens up nearly endless possibilities for gift giving. 

Here are some of our favorite 4th anniversary gifts to give (or receive!) for your next wedding anniversary. 

Traditional 4th Anniversary Gifts

Recreate The Bouquet

$125, Etsy

A fun and creative way to keep with the traditional theme of flowers, KimArt on Etsy beautifully hand embroiders a recreation of your wedding bouquet – but this one will last forever. Simply send in a photo of the bouquet, and in 2-3 weeks you’ll have your beautiful piece of art, complete with your wedding anniversary embroidered, too.

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Wine Subscription

$60/month+, Winc

Wine is made from grapes. Grapes are a fruit. Therefore, a wine of the month subscription is an excellent idea for your vino-loving partner. Give the gift of a monthly fix with Winc -which is a world of exclusive wines that is tailored to personal taste preferences, delivered right at your home. Gift a membership and the recipient will fill out a quiz on their preferred tastes. They’ll also get to provide feedback on the wines they’ve tasted so that each month gets better and better. 

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Fruit of the Month Club

$349.99, Harry & David

Add a bit of sweetness to each month of your fourth year married with Harry & David’s Fruit-of-the-Month Club Signature Classic Collection. For a full year, fresh, handpicked fruit will be delivered to your door, based on what’s best at that moment. Recipients can savor giant strawberries in May, dark sweet plums in September, seasonal apples in November, and much more. 

Upscale Floral Arrangement

from $42, Farm Girl Flowers

You can never go wrong with flowers for any anniversary, especially the fourth! We love the bouquets made by Farm Girl flowers. They are luxe, colorful, and extremely high quality. Plus, they come wrapped in burlap and a bow for the perfect finishing touch. 

New Kicks

Ready for a play on words? You and your partner are a perfect pear. Nope, not a spelling error – just go with it and gift them a beautiful new pair of kicks and pretend you’re following the “fruit” anniversary theme. If they’re athletic, you can’t go wrong with a pair by Saucony, which are as comfortable as they are functional and stylish. For a luxe daytime pair that are super trendy at the moment, Golden Goose has tons of colorful, funky options. It also doesn’t have to be sneakers! Take the “pair” theme and you can gift new jeans, sunglasses, earrings — anything that comes in twos!

Edible Arrangements

$29.99+, Edible Arrangements

What makes the gift of fruit even sweeter? How about when it is dipped in delectable chocolate? Yes – please! Available in beautiful, colorful arrangements or even just some solo chocolate covered strawberries, you’ll nail both the fruit AND floral component of this 4th anniversary gift, with a bouquet of fruit. It’s a win/win.

venue et fleur anniversary gift flowers
The Fleura Vase with Eternity® Roses. Via Venus ET Fleur

Roses that Last a Year

from $44, Venus ET Fleur

Who doesn’t love flowers? Especially flowers that last longer than just a few days. We love these floral arrangements from Venus ET Fleur. Our favorite arrangements feature their eternity roses, which are sourced from the rose fields of Ecuador. Available in a rainbow of color options and sizes, these beauties can maintain their beautiful appearance for up to one year, with proper care. That makes them the perfect floral 4th anniversary gift!

Modern 4th Anniversary Gifts

molekule air purifier anniversary gift
Via Molekule

Molekule Air Purifier

$349, Molekule

Give your partner a breath of fresh air for your 4th anniversary gift— literally. The Molekule Air Mini air purifier covers up to 250 square feet and utilizes a multi-layer PECO filter to purify and cleanse the air around you. Weighing in at only 7.3 lbs, you’ll give the gift of a healthier environment for your loved one, while also reaping the benefits for yourself, too. 

iRobot Roomba Vacuum

$224, Amazon

Cleaning may not be very romantic, but a robot that does the cleaning for you will certainly free up your time for more romantic endeavors – which is why we happen to think a Roomba makes an excellent 4th anniversary gift. More than just a standard home appliance, the iRobot Roomba 614 works to loosen, lift and suction dirt, dust and hair from your hard floors and carpet. It pretty much does all the vacuuming so you don’t have to. Date night, anyone? 

Dyson Air Wrap

$549.99, Dyson

As far as beauty appliances go, the Dyson Air Wrap is the hottest thing in hair care right now and has been for quite some time. Boasting rave-reviews and a seriously loyal following, with this impressive gadget you can make curls, waves, or smooth and straighten your hair, all at low temperatures and without heat to preserve hair health. It’s an investment for sure, but seems to have endless possibilities and benefits.

Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker

$159.99 , Target

If your partner has an affinity for coffee, now is the perfect time to help them elevate their coffee game with a top of the line coffee maker. Move over, drip pot. The Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker is your very own coffee shop, at home. From a single cup to a whole carafe, craft anything from specialty beverages to a traditional cup of joe from the comfort of your own home, since the Ninja Coffee maker can help you transform milk into a luxuriously silky texture, and even has a drop-stop feature, too. 

warming coffee mug anniversary gift
Via Ember

Warming Mug

$125, Ember Mug2

A perfect gift idea for the coffee lover who is consistently reheating their coffee or complaining how it cools too quickly  — the Ember Mug allows you to set and retain your preferred temperature for your coffee, no reheating necessary. The mug maintains your chosen temperature for up to 1.5 hours with the Ember Mug² 10 oz. , and up to 80 minutes with the Ember Mug² 14 oz. – so you can take your time sipping your perfectly hot beverage. 

Wine Chiller

$89.95, Vinglace 

This gift checks off the appliance and fruit (sort of) categories, so it’s pretty much two gifts in one! Made of stainless steel, vacuum insulated and double walled, this portable chiller will keep your bottles of vino chilled for hours. Perfect for an anniversary picnic in the park, the beach, or anywhere else you’d like to toast to your special day. 

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