Where to Find Vintage Stamp Collections

I searched high and low for a collection of cute vintage stamps when I was planning my wedding invitations, but in the end couldn’t find a set that wasn’t either crazy expensive or a pain in the butt to piece together. While I didn’t have any luck, it did get me inspired to see if there were any better vintage stamp options out there AFTER my wedding since I found them so difficult to find at a good price. Below are a couple of the vintage stamp collections I’ve found. Overall I had the best luck finding cohesive vintage stamp collections on Etsy, with several sellers offering decent prices and easy-to-put-together packages.

I also really like this fellow bride’s advice on how she found vintage wedding stamps to fit her budget.

Do you know of another easy, ready-to-use vintage stamp collection out there? Let me know in the comments section below!

vintage stamp

VerdeStudio on Etsy

$210 for a set of 100 stamps providing $0.70 of postage

vintage wedding stamps

 Treasure Fox on Etsy

$185 for a set of 100 stamps providing $0.70 of postage



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