Wax Seal Stamps Might Be the Most Underrated Wedding Item Ever

Wax seal stamps are a classic, beautiful, and downright luxurious accent to include in your wedding stationary.  But while being a gorgeous focal point of your invitation envelopes — are they really practical? 

Also, where can you find wax seal stamps, and can you DIY them at home? 

To find out more, we spoke with Kelley Nudo, Client Manager at Momental Designs for all-thing wax seal stamps.  

wax seal stamps

How Are Wax Seal Stamps Made?

Wax seals are, of course, made of melted wax. Nudo explains that once the wax reaches liquid form, a seal stamp is pressed into it to create a designed impression.

“Wax can be melted in a variety of ways. However, we prefer to use wax sticks that can be inserted into a hot glue gun, so we can control the amount of liquid wax that is applied to the surface we are working with,” says Nudo. “The seal stamp is placed quickly into the pool of liquid wax to make the impression. Once the wax sets and begins to harden (after a few seconds), the stamp can be removed to reveal the impression.” 

The stamps used to make the seals can either be custom made, or you can use a ready-made design. It’s entirely up to you! 

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If time (or your budget) is of the essence, you can also opt to have sticker seals made. Nudo says the wax sticker seal is manufactured with an adhesive backing that can be removed. Then, the seal can be applied to the surface of your choosing. It’s just a more streamlined process than the old fashioned way. 

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Wax Seal Stamps are Historic and Trendy

Wax seals have, of course, been around for centuries (actually, back to the Middle Ages!),  but recently they are having a major moment again in the bridal world.  Originally designed to ensure messages remained authentic, secured and untampered with, their purpose and presence has certainly evolved over time. In fact, back when postage services began to charge for the number of pages as opposed to a letter’s weight, wax seals were less expensive to use than envelopes!  (This is NOT how it works today, though.)

Nowadays, we think of them more as ornamental. Yet they are definitely catching on…again!

Nudo adds, “Videos of wax seals being made (like these on Instagram) have been very appealing to our social media followers. Viewers find it entrancing to watch the melted wax combine colors and quickly turn from liquid to solid in a matter of seconds.”  

Can You Actually Mail Them?

While you can still mail pieces sealed with wax, Nudo says they recommend their clients use them a bit differently. “When it comes to wedding invitation suites, we recommend placing the seal on the interior envelope or the folder presentation,” she says. By placing the wax seal on the actual stationery pieces instead of the envelope, Nudo says “you can ensure the seal does not impede the mailing process and arrives to the recipients in perfect condition.”

Another thing to note? Nudo says there will likely be an increase in postage if the seal is on the exterior of the envelope. That means you should double check the postage rate before mailing. You’ll also want to see if they will hand cancel your envelopes to prevent any damage to the seal.

Other Uses for Wax Seals

Not sure about adding wax seal stamps to your wedding stationery? There are other, outside-the-box ways to incorporate these design elements into your big day. “Some of our clients have added wax seals to their dinner menus or seating cards, which adds a lovely 3-dimensional element to these pieces,” says Nudo. You can also use them to elevate your welcome bags, thank you cards, bar signage and more.

No matter how you decide to use wax seals, have fun with it!

With the ability to create a custom design, Nudo says wax seal stamps can complement fun and quirky celebrations to formal, black-tie affairs. “We enjoy experimenting with combining colors, or adding embellishments such as dried flowers, glitter, paper and paint to the seals. Wax seals are another way to take your stationery to the next level, so think outside of the box when it comes to their placement and design!”

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