San Francisco Design Center Galleria

101 Henry Adams St.,
San Francisco, CA 94103
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Average Base Cost: $35,000

Our average base cost for a San Francisco Design Center Galleria wedding is calculated by figuring a 150-person guest list for a Saturday night ceremony/reception using the ground floor only and a food/beverage cost of $140/pp ($100/pp for food and $40/pp for alcohol using their Premium Select option). Entertainment, flowers, furniture, additional decorations and rentals, transportation, and photography are not included. Price is rounded up to the nearest thousand. Gratuity and sales tax is included.

*Prices subject to change

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How it breaks down:

Facility Rental Fee: 

  • Saturdays: $7,000.00 – $10,000.00 ($7,000 for the Ground Floor, $1,000 for each additional floor above).
  • Friday & Sunday: $6,000.00 – $9,000.00 ($6,000 for Ground Floor, $1,000 for each additional floor above)
  • Monday – Thursday: $6,000.00 – 8,000.00 ($6,000 for Ground Floor, etc. / no charge for the 4th floor)
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What’s Included: 

  • Custom ambient lighting (technicians are additional)
  • Retractable skylight
  • Basic janitorial services
  • Built-in hardwood dance floor
  • Formal stage
  • 1 dressing room
  • Up to 6-hour event (additional hours available)
  • Current inventory of tables and chairs (set up fee is an additional $250)
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  • Lighting and sound technicians are $52/hour for a 4 hour minimum. In house technicians are required to run the in-house sound/lighting system
  • The facility manager is $59/hour a 4 hour minimum. A Facility manager is required from load-in through end of clean up. A 6 hour credit is included with room rental fee
  • Security is $40/hour, per person, for a 4 hour minimum. Security is required from load-in through end of clean up. There is a minimum of 2 guards for each event. The total number of guards is based on the guest count and floors in use. A 6 hour credit is included with room rental fee.
  • Average labor rates are $2,000 for a 6 hour event. Labor rates quoted are based on an 8 hour maximum shift. Overtime rates will be charged for all staffing requirements that exceed 8 hours, and/or after 1:00 a.m.
  • Events are required to provide a $1,000 deposit towards damages/OT charges.
  • Set up fee of $250 to applies for set up and strike of SFDC tables & chairs.
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Vendors: Outside vendors are allowed except for beverages, which must be provided by Perry’s of SF.  If a caterer not on the vendor-approved list is used, a $1,000 fee applies. 

Food/Beverage: The average catering cost for a vendor on their approved list is $100/pp (not including beverages). The beverage cost is listed below:

Package #1—House

  • $22.00 per guest ++
  • Table Wine Service with Dinner $28.00 per guest ++

Package #2—House Premium

  • $26.00 per guest ++
  • Table Wine Service with Dinner $34.00 per guest ++

Package #3—Premium Select

  • $30.00 per guest ++
  • Table Wine Service with Dinner $40.00 per guest ++
Photo by Tia Claire

Package #4—Deluxe Select

  • $34.00 per guest ++
  • Table Wine Service with Dinner $46.00 per guest ++

More Stats:

Space Type: Inside

Size: 650

Bridal Suite: There is a space to get ready, however the venue agrees the room is not particularly photo worthy, so most brides arrive already dressed.

Parking: Yes. There is ample free street parking available and a there is also a free parking lot with 115 spaces available on weekends.

Photo by Sarah Dawson

How Will Grandma Get There? While the Galleria is not far from hotels (nothing in San Francisco really is), the Design District (where the venue is located) is a bit isolated. Hotels such as The Four Seasons and the Courtyard San Francisco Downtown are about 2 miles away (9 minutes without traffic).

Party On! Events can go until 2 a.m.

The Report: 

Located in San Francisco’s design district, the San Francisco Design Center Galleria features a four-story atrium that includes a retractable skylight in addition to three-levels of balconies looking down onto the space from all sides. Past events held here have included San Francisco Fashion Week, the Thread Show, and Elle Décor’s Dining by Design.

Woman Getting Married Says:

If you’re looking for a wedding venue that can hold A LOT of people but is not a ballroom…this is it. Is it going to be the most charming wedding venue in San Francisco? No. But if you’re looking to put on a show (think big band, lots of dancing, great lighting, etc.) then this venue knows how to get it done. And the pricing for the space (as well as their beverage service) is actually very reasonable. If you want a space with lots of options and size is important (ahem), then I would definitely check this out.

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Amenities/What’s Included 9
Convenient for Grandma 8
Layout 8
Location 7
Overall Charm 7
Venue Value 9

WGM Rating

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