Wedding Day Ready: The Easiest-To-Apply False EyeLashes

If you’ve ever applied false eyelashes, you know the struggle. Either the glue is goopy, the lashes are too long (or you trimmed them too short), the band isn’t flexible enough, or you put them on crooked. Now, you just look insane. Here’s the thing, though — lashes don’t have to be this tricky.

To prove it, we’ve compiled a list of the easiest-to-apply false eyelashes that will help you whether you’re a newbie or an old pro. These lashes will stay on, stay comfortable, and give you that doe-eyed or glam look you’ve been dreaming of. No matter if you have a tiny lash line, or an extra long one, we have combed through reviews to find the perfect lashes that will add that extra “oomph” to your eyes whatever their shape and size, while still being super easy to apply.

Forget about those lashes you always seem to throw into your basket at the drugstore and keep your fingers crossed you put on right. Let these six different easy-to-apply — for even the most-introductory lash wearer — open your eyes to a world of lush lash looks.

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Eylure Starter Kit | Naturals | No.020 ($8)

Eylure is a cult UK lash brand that is available via Amazon (and certain stores) in the U.S. Their starter kit features an ultra fine gossamer lash for a natural look, an applicator, and a practice lash — so if you’re a beginner, you can try them on without worrying about wrecking your only pair. Plus, the reviews all rave about how easy the applicator is to use. “I bought these just to see if I could actually get a pair of fake lashes on. I’ve tried many times, mostly around Halloween and just never been able to get them on. I followed the instruction to the T and viola!!! The first pair of fake lashes I have ever successfully applied. I really like how they make your eyes pop,” commented an Eylure customer.

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Ardell AII Lash Accents in Black 301 ($3)

These lashes were meant to be worn on the outer corners of your eyes, which is the easiest part of the lashes to apply! You won’t have to deal with the tricky part of lining the band up to the inner corner of your eye with these Ardell lash strips, and they’ll give you a sultry Audrey Hepburn cat-eye! Plus they cost less than a cup of coffee.

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Ardell Trios Lash ($4)

Small clumps of lashes are easier to apply because you can place them exactly where you want them with a pair of tweezers. These lash trios can accent your outer corners, here and there on your lash line for a doll-like effect, or all over if you’re going for extra-glam. “I’m a relative beginner to wearing lashes and just began wearing them this year for college cheerleading,” wrote one reviewer. “So when I tried these and saw how easy they were to apply, I fell in love!”

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Miche Bloomin | No.03 Pure Sweet ($14)

These lashes are perfect for smaller eyes. The strips are cut short, and feature a fine lash that is also favorable if you have a less lid space. Users love that these lashes can be reused without any weakness of the lash hair, or of the strip.

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Make Up Forever Lash Show False Lashes ($18)

These small clusters of lashes on one long invisible strip blend in seamlessly with your natural lash line, masking any awkward application. However, reviewers rave over these lashes for the glue! So be sure to keep it around. “Please sell the glue separately! I need a gallon bottle!” wrote a customer. “The lashes are amazing but I’ve never worn a better glue IN MY LIFE. Instantly tacky and makes placing the lashes on the easiest thing ever.” Plus, there are a bunch of different styles!

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Mac 20 Lash ($17)

These Mac lashes can provide a pop of length and volume wherever you place them on your lash line. The half-lashes are lightweight, comfortable, and blend in perfectly with your natural lashes after a little mascara. “I was hesitant when the MAC salesperson recommended these lashes,” commented a customer. “But, even my husband couldn’t tell I had on falsies and it still gave the same great look. They are also much more comfortable than full lashes. These are a great everyday lash that is extremely easy to put on.”

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