10 Fall Wedding Makeup Trends We Love

Ah, the fresh faces of fall. Peace out dewey, summer looks and pastel-filled eyes, we’re onto the next thing. Fall is back and it’s all about bold, stark looks. Though some trends (bold eyes, bold lips) are back for another season, each comes with a fresh kick that we’re excited to see in many fall weddings to come. Mostly, following this year’s trends mean glamming it up this fall, be it strong eyes, glitter details or bright pouts. But if you’re into the whole no make-up thing, you may just be in luck. After all, it’s about making these trends work for you – not the other way around. So take a hint from the runways, but make these fall wedding makeup looks your own!

1. Bold-Black Eyes

Yes, black eyeliner. A complete surprise, we know. But listen up – it’s about the dramatics this season, so take that black eyeliner to the next level. Think dark lines, around the entire eye. The focus is on the liner here, not the shadow. Though we’re not saying to take it up to the eyebrow like the runways may say, lining it on a bit thicker than the norm will do just the trick. Guests will see your eyes from a mile away!

2. Vampy Lips

Though going goth at your wedding might not be what you envisioned, it’s true that a vampy dark lip makes your look really stand out. Think a smashing glossy, bordeaux to top off your look. Just remember to get a few tips from your makeup artist for keeping your lipstick looking fresh throughout the night. Dark lips take a village.

3. Glittered Eyes

Glittered eyes were another smash hit on the runways. And while we don’t suggest affixing jewels to the side of your eyes as you walk down the aisle, there’s nothing wrong with a little (maybe more than a little) glitter. Think shimmery golds or silver built on neutral lids. Starry-eyed black-tie brides, this one’s for you.

4. Fresh Faced

Another trend for fall involves throwing all the rules out the window. This means baring it down to mascara, blush and a simple stain on the lips. We love how this look is so very Alicia Keys at the moment (see note: going makeup free), and how freeing it is. After all, it’s your wedding day, and your smile is the best accessory you’ll be wearing.

5. Neon Accents

Though we must admit this is the most daring trend we’re putting on our list, when done right, the effect is pretty stunning. Daring brides? Add a fluorescent accent, be it neon pink lipstick or fuchsia shadow. It’ll match those moody floral blooms we love. Think of it as the bright pink peony in an otherwise neutral floral bouquet.

6. The Smokey Eye

We told you some classics were back, and this is one of them. We’re loving this season’s collection of shimmering palettes, like classic golds and dark purples paired with a nude lip. Or, go bold! Smokey lips paired with bright cherry lips? No risk, no reward.

7. Wispy Lashes

We mentioned how twiggy-esque lashes made a statement on the runway, and they’re here for the Fall season as well. Only this time, they’re losing the coral lipstick and are being paired with vampy lips. Even with a nude shadow, the effect is dramatic yet simplistic.

8. Silver Eyes

Though we know copper and rose gold are all the rage – may we suggest leaving those in the décor and incorporating silver instead in your makeup look? Slow down tin-man, we’re not talking about going all aluminum-eyes. But, a little bit of silver eyeliner is modern and bridal without being totally futuristic when done right.

9. Glossy Lips

Move over matte lips, we’re all about the gloss this season. Whether paired atop a bold bordeaux or affixed upon a red cherry (another trend for the season), high-gloss lips are a total trend statement. Super-laquered and super-beautiful.

10. Cherry Lips

Albeit not really a new trend – red lips turned up the heat on the runway. Matte, cherry colors really rocked it. Especially when paired with bare eyes. The effect is kind of opulent, yet totally classic. Red lip, white dress, sleek hair? Perfection.

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