Best Lipstick Colors for Your Wedding

best-lipstick-colorsI think you have to try REALLY hard to end up with the wrong lipstick color on your wedding day. Why? Because with that gorgeous dress and amazing wedding hairstyle, chances are you’re going to look great no matter what color you go with. But there are a few lipstick colors that somehow always look beautiful, which means if you choose one of them your chance of picking the right one just went to 100%.

Whether you’re hiring a professional wedding makeup artist or doing it yourself, go to your local Sephora and get an idea of what color family looks best on you. The best way to do this is to identify your skin’s undertone and figure out if you have more yellow (warm) or pink (cool) undertones. One trick for figuring this out is to look at your wrists: If your veins are more on the blue side you’re pink, and if they’re more green you most likely have a warmer (yellow) undertone. Yellow undertones will want to stick to warmer lipsticks (IE: brick colors), while pink undertones will want something that’s more blue or purple-based (like a classic bright red).

Wedding Makeup Tip: I would decide on which lipstick color you want AFTER you’ve picked out your wedding dress and hairstyle. I think the two of those things have a tendency to inspire each other, and should influence the lipstick color you choose, too.

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Below are my favorite lipstick colors for weddings. Remember to pick the right one for you based on your skin’s undertone, and it’ll be hard to go wrong!

Do you know which lipstick color you’re wearing yet? What’s your fave?

Bright and bold pinks


Via Posh by Kat
Via Posh by Kat


Photo and makeup via Being Tazim
Photo and makeup via Being Tazim

Classic red


Soft Pinks and Corals

Via Ann Taylor
Via Ann Taylor





Warmer Pinks and Oranges

Headband by Jennifer Behr via Bergdorf Goodman
Headband by Jennifer Behr via Bergdorf Goodman
Photo by Brett Heidebrecht| Via Hey Wedding Lady
Photo by Brett Heidebrecht| Via Hey Wedding Lady

Deep and dark berries



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    I just wrote you an email but also wanted to respond here and say that you are 1,000% right. We need to (and can be) doing a way, way, better job at this. Thank you for writing in and visiting the site, and I hope to provide MORE content that appeals to ALL races and ethnicities now and in the future! xo Lindsay

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    I think it would be really nice if you included images of brides from other races. You mention picking a lipstick based on skin undertones but only provide one option…In my case, as a black woman who just got engaged and is really excited about all the fun planning, this was a huge let down as I really like this site. Something to think about as brides actually do come in very many different shades and colors.