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Best Wedding Catering Los Angeles 24 Carrots
24 Carrots

We’re always on the lookout for great Los Angeles wedding caterers. We’ll be adding to this page often, so be sure to check back and see who made our list. Note: These Los Angeles wedding caterers have not paid to be listed here…we are just genuine fans of their work!

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Patina Group
This exceptional team of chefs and event planners bring delicious and beautiful arrangements to the table, focusing on exquisite cuisine and elegant design. CEO Nick Valenti oversees Patina with a passionate vision and unique set of business management experience and culinary wisdom. Oh, and the dishes look heavenly.

Best Wedding Catering Los Angeles Patina

The Food Matters
Just visit The Food Matters’ website and you’ll see for yourself how much they really live up to their name. A mouth-watering gallery of fresh oyesters, chocolate raspberry cake, and beautiful little french pastries are just a few featured items this company offers. Founders Jerry and Chris Baker combined their passion for all things culinary and a dedication to the quality service their clients demand to make your wedding day delectable.

Best Wedding Catering Los Angeles Food Matters
Food Matters

Eco Caterers
Grass fed meats, local ingredients, and sustainable produce are just three aspects of what Eco Caterers prides their company on. The group’s mission statement focuses on the highest quality, and they work directly with local farms to ensure that is the case.

Best Wedding Catering Los Angeles Eco Caters
Eco Caters

Seasons Catering
Owned by red wine and late night french fries lover Gabrielle Moes, Seasons Catering really lives up to its name, providing dishes that are fresh and invigorating in accordance with the seasons. From spring asparagus to winter sweet potatoes, the company’s menus look delicious colorful, and inspiring.

Best Wedding Catering Los Angeles Seasons

24Carrots  (photo at top of page)
24Carrots believes in perfection — how that contributes to making the big day utterly memorable. Founder Norm Bennet boasts a long list of culinary credentials, including an education at the Culinary Institute of America and numerous stints at some of the finest hotels and restaurants in America and Europe. The menus look delicious and exquisite, with special touches like fruit and cheese plates and delightful desserts that will impress guests.

Wolfgang Puck Catering
If you haven’t heard of the incredibly talented and oft sought-after chef, Wolfgang Puck, you’re missing out! His years of gastronomical knowledge and passion for culinary innovation leads the team of experts at his catering company to bring about some of the greatest dishes you and your guests will definitely ogle over. If you can’t afford an entire wedding catered by him, you should definitely pay a visit to any of his restaurants around the world instead, such as the delicious Spago in Los Angeles for a fun pre or post wedding treat.

best los angeles caterer
Wolfgang Puck

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    An excellent guide for couples! This blog highlights the best Los Angeles wedding caterers, offering a curated list for unforgettable celebrations. From exquisite menus to impeccable service, it’s an essential read for those seeking culinary perfection on their special day.