Silver Wedding Shoes You Can Actually Wear Again

silver wedding shoes
Original photo by Jane (&) Haglund Photography

Silver wedding shoes have so many things going for them. First, the color is WAY easier to match white and off-white wedding dresses with, since finding the perfect shade of beige and white is almost impossible. Second, how many beige or white shoes do you own and wear? I’m guessing not that many. Silver wedding shoes, on the other hand, are way more wearable AFTER the wedding because they go with so many colors/outfits. I love dressing up jeans and an oversized sweater or t-shirt and blazer with gold or silver shoes. You can also pair them with pretty much any summer or cocktail dress, which means they can become your go-to event or night-out shoe. I also love silver wedding shoes for beach weddings, since they can easily go casual as well. It’s pretty hard to find something they DON’T go with.

I went searching for a pair recently and came up with a few of my favorite finds, below. Let us know which color wedding shoes you’re looking for in the comments section and we’ll start the hunt!

Gucci Silver Sandals
Gucci, $1150
Mach and Mach Silver Heels
Mach & Mach, $1138

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