This is My Second Marriage. Can I Still Wear White?

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Q: I’m getting married for the second time, and had the big, white dress at my first wedding, which sadly ended in divorce. Will guests think it’s tacky if I wear a white wedding dress again?- Marie

A: If there’s ever a wedding question that I hope people take my advice on, it’s this! You can (and should!!) absolutely, positively, without a DOUBT wear a white dress to your second wedding. In fact, you can wear a black, red, green, beige, pink, or blue dress to your wedding. No matter what number it is. That super old, tacky tradition comes from only wearing white if you were “virginal” (cough. cough.) It is so outdated. I wish it would just go away entirely!

Depending on how long ago you got married the first time, your style might have changed. And you might be interested in a mermaid vs. a ballgown, or an A-line vs. a sheath. Plan a few appointments at local bridal boutiques to get a feel for what you like the best. Try that until you find that perfect white dress. Which, ahem, you can proudly wear 100% guilt free.

The beauty of weddings now is you can do whatever you want. The old norms and traditions aren’t always right for today. (Garter toss, anyone?) And you will never please everyone. So just do what feels right for you. If you want to wear that big white dress, do it! Heck, you can even where the same dress you wore the first time. Although we’re a little superstitious. So we would recommend against that. (LOL.)

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