How to Create a Wedding Album with Printique

printique photo album
Wedding album via Printique

After all the wedding planning is said and done, the only thing left to do (aside from write those thank-you notes!) is to get your photos back from your photographer and put them on display! 

If your wedding photographer offers prints and/or albums, that’s definitely a conversation you’ll want to have ahead of time to see if it’s the right solution for you. If they don’t offer albums (or if you can’t afford theirs, since they’re usually substantially more expensive), the next step is to figure out where to DIY a wedding album. But that’s easier said than done!

There are several companies to consider (you can read our review of the best wedding photo albums online here) and there are of course pros and cons for each. However, one of our favorite picks that we’ve tried hard to find a “con” for but can’t is Printique!

First, we’ll start by saying that we absolutely love that they are not a giant online retailer. In fact, they are a privately-owned, Brooklyn-based company that has been the go-to source for high-quality printing for more than 20 years. 

But the even better part is that they are consistently rated among the top photo printing companies by photographers and consumers for two decades, not only for their prints but their albums. That means you can get all of your wedding photo printing needs taken care of in one place. 

printique photo album
Via Printique

How to Create a Wedding Photo Album with Printique

While you need to definitely check out their photo prints, for this post we’re going to focus on their photo album services.

Once you get your digital files back from your photographer, you can easily create a photographer-quality album with Printique that arrives at your doorstep in just a couple of weeks! Here’s how the process works:

Choose Your Album Type

The first step to designing an album is to create an account. Once you do that, you’ll want to figure out which type of album you like the most. You can choose between a photo book (available with a hardcover, leather, fabric, softcover, or mini), or their premium photo album offerings, below: 

  • Leather Albums (aged vintage leather or sustainable faux)
  • Hardcover Albums (finished with a soft-touch coating)
  • Metal Cover Albums (images are infused into the cover’s surface, and the album has a vegan leather back)

WGM Says: Aside from the cover options, the main difference between a Printique photo book and album are the pages. Photo books have durable but flexible pages, while the premium photo albums have pages that are non-flexible. They do a great job of explaining the main differences here.

printique photo album
The hardcover premium album from Printique

Next, you’ll want to choose your size, shape, and paper. The most popular wedding album options are a 10×10 square with Luster paper, though you can also choose from glossy, silk, metallic, deep matte, linen, and pebble.

If you’re creating a premium album, you can also choose between contemporary slim or classic heavy page thickness.

Then, it’s time to design your album! 

Select Your Album Design

You can opt to create your own layout, or use one of their pre-designed templates that best matches your photos. There is also an option to choose what type of album you’re creating as well (IE: wedding, children, etc.).

From there you would upload your photos from your computer or other platform (such as your Google drive or social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram.) and choose the order you like best. You can then save your project, preview, or order. (Note: If there are any issues with the resolution of your photos or layout, you’ll receive warnings before you proceed to make sure everything checks out!). 

See how the process works here.

Note: Photo albums ship out about a week after your order is placed

printique photo album
Which album style do you like the best?

How Much are Printique Albums?

No matter your budget, you can find an album or photo book with Printique that works for you. Prices start at $19.99 for a 20-page softcover book and go up to $230.99 for a 20-page metal premium album. You can then add on pages for an additional fee. Those range from $0.99-$2.90/page up to 100 pages depending on the type of album you choose.

WGM Says: Plan on using anywhere from 80-100 edited wedding photos for your album, which would mean 40-100 pages depending on how many photos you choose to feature per page.

That’s it! The process is super easy. Our only other piece of advice? Make sure you design your album sooner rather than later! It’s so easy to put it off, but once you get it back you’re going to be so happy you made it!

Ready to create your album with Printique? Start here! 

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