These Apps Will Make Your Wedding Planning Unbelievably Easy

Wedding Planning App

It’s 2015 (duh), and while we don’t have flying cars or hover boards (yet), there are SO many new technological advances that make our lives easier. From your own personal driver to restaurant deliveries and dry cleaning on demand, online tools and apps are completely changing the way we go about our daily routine. And thankfully they’re also changing the way we plan a wedding, too. Gone are the days where we had to drive around like a crazy person to scan bath towels or buy wedding invitations. Now you can plan the majority of your wedding with the simple click or a mouse. Doc Brown would be so proud.

We rounded up a few of our favorite online tools that make wedding planning a gazillion times more awesome. Let us know which ones you’ve tried in the comments section, below.

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The Black Tux

Wedding Planning App Tuxedos

As soon as I bought my wedding dress I immediately turned to my soon-to-be husband and said, “You need to buy a tux!” So, off to the store we went, and ended up dropping beaucoup bucks on a custom tuxedo that he has worn—no lie—2 times since then (it’s been 5 years). While owning your own tuxedo is definitely something worth aiming for at some point in your life, there’s really no need to spend that kind of money right away (especially considering how much weddings cost). Which is why The Black Tux is so awesome. Aside from a custom fit and quality that rivals some of the best brands out there, the process makes it super easy for guys who hate to shop. Here’s how it works: You choose the suit, tuxedo, or curated look (including shoes and other accessories) you want for you and/or your wedding party. The Black Tux sends out an e-mail to your groomsmen, and once the first look is paid for the rest will be reserved. Seven days before your event they’ll send you your outfit with free shipping and returns. Pricing starts at $95.

Artifact Uprising

Wedding Planning App Artifact Uprising

I am definitely a fan of creating your own wedding album if you’re looking to save money when it comes to your wedding photography. While it can seem like a lot of extra work, the process has truly gotten so easy over the past couple of years that it seems silly not to. While I made the majority of my family albums with Blurb after we got married (which was great) I’m looking to go with something different for our own album. Artifact Uprising is at the top of my list, not only for our wedding photos but for our honeymoon album which I swear I’m going to make one of these days. Pricing starts at $119 for a Layflat Photo album.



OK I friggin’ love this idea, especially if you’re mail-lazy like me (my mom makes fun of the fact that I hate getting our mail. Seriously). Whether you’re looking for an easy way to send your Save the Dates, wedding invitations, Thank You cards or even just a birthday card, they’ll do EVERYTHING for you. Just pick out a design you like, customize your message (and font), and either choose to have the cards sent to you or opt to have them mail the cards FOR you. You might never have to step foot in a stationary store again! Pricing starts around $3.49 for a card they’ll mail.


Wedding Planning App Doorman

Getting amazing wedding gifts is not stressful. But having 15 packages waiting outside your door when you’re at work kind of is, which is why this app is downright genius. After signing up you simply use your personal Doorman shipping address when registering for a gift (or other mail order). They sign for and receive your packages, and then deliver them at a time that works for you. Currently available in San Francisco (with plans to extend to New York City, Chicago, and beyond) this might be bad news for your online shopping habit, but good news for your doormat. Pricing starts at $3.99 per package or choose from unlimited deliveries for $19/month, or unlimited deliveries WITH returns for $29/month.


Wedding Planning App Registry

If you can’t already tell, we’re a big fan of Thankful, an awesome universal online wedding registry that lets couples choose wedding gifts from ANYWHERE. Whether you want to register for an experience wedding gift, charitable donation, or an awesome piece of art, you can completely personalize your wedding registry in a way that lets your guests know how truly ‘Thankful’ you are for them. With an awesome design and easy-to-use system (for you AND your favorite Aunt), we really love it’s flexibility and tone. Pricing is $30 for 12 months.

We’re super proud to have Thankful be part of the WGM Guest List! Learn about their amazing features and sign-up for a free one-week trial (as well as offers to the four other services, above) at

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