This Is the One Thing Brides WISH They Registered For

Ever wish you registered for this Airbnb rental?

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When it comes to registering, we love a great vase and platter as much as the next gal, but do you know what we really love? A couples massage, first class airline seats and a hotel suite that’s majorly instagram-worthy. And guess what?!?! You can actually register for that.

In fact, we recently asked our readers what’s the one thing they WISH they registered for, and cash gifts (specifically honeymoon funds) was top of their list. But what’s the best way to make sure you’re doing it in a respectful, classy way? And um, how do you even do it? We’ve answered some of your pressing questions on this popular topic, below.

Take us here, please.

How many brides are really asking for cash funds?

While this topic might have felt a bit taboo 10 years ago, it has definitely become more and more popular these days. Even though Aunt Sally may still buy you that mixing bowl set, a lot of other family and friends will be keen on giving you something a bit more memorable, like a sunset cruise on your honeymoon! One of our favorite wedding registries, Zola, says that 2/3 of Zola couples register for AT LEAST one cash fund, which we love. You can register to be one of them, here!

You can actually register for this

Should you just add cash, or personalized experiences instead?

You could just add a generalized cash fund, but guests love feeling like they’re giving you something special vs. a check. Zola recommends going one step further and personalizing your cash funds. For example, you can create separate cash funds for your honeymoon that will cover your hotel, airfare, and activities like “Drinks with a View” and “Snorkeling,” which are two of the most popular options for Zola couples. And if a honeymoon isn’t on your list, you can create funds for fun staycations that include wine tastings, museum tours, and anything else you can imagine.

How fun would this fishing charter be?!

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Which cash gifts are the most popular?

One of the top 5 gifts added to Zola registries are Airbnb gift cards, which we love because of the flexibility you have to choose a location. Other popular travel gifts include Delta and Southwest gift cards as well as, which are great for booking honeymoons, anniversary trips, or that weekend getaway to escape wedding planning. (We all need one of those!)

Add your honeymoon flights to your wedding registry!

I want to do a honeymoon fund, but where should we go?!

According to Zola, the most popular honeymoon destinations for Zola couples right now are Mexico, Italy and Hawaii (our personal fave). No matter where you decide to travel, you definitely want to consider registering for the luggage that will get you there (another item that is high on couples’ “I wish I registered for that!” list). And don’t forget to check out the honeymoon collection on Zola, a curated list of gifts to register for inspired by the top locations Zola couples traveled to this year.

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