2024’s Wedding Trends Revealed: From Groovy 70’s to Jazz Age Glam

70s inspired bride
70s wedding inspiration will be big for 2024

Ready to plan a wedding that’s as unique as your playlist? This year’s “Pinterest Predicts” list is our crystal ball, and it’s showing some fabulously quirky themes that we think are going to turn into big wedding trends for 2024.

From makeup and decor to jewelry and even travel trends, here’s an eye-opening look at how people’s searches determine what Pinterest foresees will be a big deal. Here are a few examples:

Blue Makeup:

  • Blue eyeshadow aesthetic: +65%
  • Fun blue nails: +260%
  • Light blue prom makeup: +70%
  • Aqua makeup look: +100%
  • Blue quince makeup: +85%

Groovy Nuptials:

  • Groovy wedding: +170%
  • 70s bride: +50%
  • Retro wedding theme: +80%
  • Groovy bachelorette party outfit: +110%
  • Retro bachelorette party decor: +35%

Big Beauty and Baubles:

  • Chunky hoops: +45%
  • Big braids hairstyles: +30%
  • Wavy perm men: +50%
  • Sculptural jewelry: +75%
  • Big bun: +230%

Bow Stacking:

  • Bow outfit: +190%
  • Bow necklace: +180%
  • Bow aesthetic: +55%
  • Bow crochet: +80%
  • Heels with bows: +40%

See the full Pinterest list here.

We had some fun with these ideas and had Midjourney, the AI-based photo generator, create images of several of these trends, below. Here’s a look at our favorites that we think can be incorporated into your wedding day.

70 wedding trends

1. 70’s Weddings

Groovy, baby! Think lava lamps at the bar and disco balls above the dance floor. Brides, how about a high-neck, lace wedding gown that screams “I do” at a Woodstock reunion? And for centerpieces – let’s bring back the pet rock (just kidding, or are we?). In all seriousness, think macramé hangings, and centerpieces with sunflowers and daisies. Add a funky touch with a vintage VW van photo booth.

70 wedding trends

3. Bow Stacking

Bows aren’t just for presents anymore. Brides, think big, bold bows on the back of your gown or tiny, cute ones in your hair – because why not? For accessories, consider delicate, bow-shaped earrings or bracelets.

tropical chic wedding decor

2. Tropical Chic Decor

Wave goodbye to the traditional and hello to a beachy vibe. Let’s turn your venue into a tropical oasis where the only thing missing is a talking parrot. Imagine a canopy of monstera leaves and orchids. Use bamboo chairs with flowing fabrics in pastel shades. For the centerpieces? Pineapples. Obviously. 

5. Grandpa Core

Grooms, it’s time to raid grandpa’s closet (just skip the mothballs). Grooms can choose tweed suits with vintage watches and classic brogues. Accessorize with suspenders, pocket squares, and maybe even a stylish flat cap.

western gothic wedding trends

4. Western Gothic

Mix your cowboy hats with some lace veils because we’re going dark and romantic. Imagine your cake topped with a miniature cowboy boot and skull – cute but slightly unnerving, right? Incorporate dark, rich colors like burgundy and black in your decor. Think lace table runners, antique silverware, and wildflower bouquets. A candlelit ceremony with wrought iron accents will set the mood.

jazz wedding trend

6. Jazz Aesthetic

Get ready to jazz up your wedding with a 1920s twist. It’s all about the glam. Think feather centerpieces, gold and black accents with pearls, and maybe a speakeasy-style bar because prohibition is so last century. Bridesmaids in flapper dresses and grooms in pinstripe suits would also be perfect.

jazz inspired wedding decor

So there you have it– a sneak peek into 2024’s wedding trends, courtesy of Pinterest. Whether you’re a disco diva or a jazz enthusiast, there’s something for everyone. Just remember, at the end of the day, it’s all about celebrating love. And cake. Definitely cake.

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