This is How Much the Average Bride is Spending on Her Wedding

We’re a total dork for statistics, so when The Knot releases their yearly survey of over 13,000 couples to see how much they’re spending on their weddings across the country, we get a wee bit excited.

As we’ve seen most years, the average cost of weddings (as with most things) slowly creeps up year after year. But 2016 saw quite a big jump, going from $32,641 in 2015 to $35,329 in 2016, an increase of $2,688. And what’s kind of crazy about that is that the average number of guests has GONE DOWN at weddings, from 149 in 2009 to 141. This lower guest count should make up for increasing wedding costs, but the average cost per guests has actually gone up, from $194 in 2009 to $245 in 2016.

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According to The Knot, here’s where couples are spending their wedding budget:

Via The Knot

Of course WHERE you get married also plays a huge role in cost as well. Here’s a look at the average wedding cost across the country. For brides looking to save money, Utah is your best bet!

Tell us, WGM’ers! Is your wedding budget in line with the average wedding cost?

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  1. says: Jackie

    My fiancé and I are simple, easy going people- we’re also juggling a move, new jobs, and expecting a baby! We are independent types and though our parents have each financially helped out, by no means did they fund the whole wedding. We’ll be managing to have a lovely party with about 60 friends and family members we truly care about for about $5000. Yes, we did have to cut some things we cared about- like a bar. But in the end what people will remember is the ceremony, the companionship, and having fun 🙂 I certainly could have had the wedding of my dreams with everything I wanted for under $10,000.

  2. says: Meagan

    Ha! I live in MA and absolutely do not have $50k to drop on a party. The “average” is misleading, there’s a few people that spend $100k + and many more in the $10-20k range. A median budget would be more helpful.

  3. says: Alease

    Thats ridiculuous…we live in ohio and ours i think is only going to be about 13-14,000. We saved for a yr n a half-2 years. Most expensive is 9.50 a plate, pur hall rental 2500, but we get 500 back. Guest list at 475…were farmers 🙂

  4. says: Rose

    I’m wondering what the demographics are of the 13,000 surveyed by the Knot because I can guarantee you a lot of people are not spending over $20,000 for their wedding. I always see these “average cost of wedding” graphs advertised online and I can’t help but wonder, what’s the point? Are they trying to get people to think that they’re not spending enough so they’ll buy more? A wedding’s quality shouldn’t be determined by price, especially when the point is bringing two people together for celebration. I’m spending around $7000 for a nice wedding for around 130 people. I don’t need $5,000 flowers or a $10,000 dress to have an enjoyable wedding.

  5. says: Jessi

    This is ridiculous. I planned for a year and a half and took my time. When you take your time, search for the right place and the right price, I don’t know why these amounts are necessary. My total wedding budget is going to total out at around $12,000. We have 140 guest comfirmed.

    We found a venue (overlooking a lake, mind you) that has no rental fee and only a ceremony fee of $250. The room we are in is seperate from their everyday restaurant and completely private. It was only 29.50 per person for food with a champagne toast included.

    There are so many things that are unneeded and will never be used again. The “throw away” culture of American is rampant in the wedding industry. You spend an average of $268 on favors?!? Over $400 on invitations?!? All of those things will get thrown away after one look. I am not doing favors (I fed them, gave them a fun night out with dancing, and plenty of photo opportunities, why do they need something else?). Also I spent $100 on invitations. No 5 envelopes with ten ribbons or glitter or whatever they are trying to do now. Just a simple gorgeously designed piece of paper that has the date, place, and time with an RSVP card.

    This is your day and guests forget that all the things they expect are being paid for my someone (for me it was myself and my future husband, for others it’s their parents). I hate when guests expect you to set your life back $30,000 OR MORE at what is supposed to be the beginning of an amazing life.

  6. says: MStarr

    We are not your typical bride and groom. We are in our late 40s and both sets of parents have passed. This is my 2nd marriage and his first. The reason the cost of weddings have gone up is because people go way overboard to impress or to out-do friends’ or relatives’ weddings. Everyone is trying to one-up everyone else. TV shows, such as “Bridezilla” have encouraged this. It has gotten ridiculous. And wedding anything is always way over-priced, simply because it is for a wedding. Vendors know how to sell you things you don’t need by telling you that everyone is doing this, now! Not falling for it. We are having a very nice wedding for under $20,000.