Is it Crazy to Match My Wedding Shoes to My Bridesmaid Dresses?

Q: I am getting married September 2 and I have just about everything together at this point but my shoes. I am wearing an ivory, mermaid style dress and my bridesmaids are in a bright plum. Do you think it would be crazy to wear shoes to match their dresses?- Angel

A: Absolutely NOT!! In fact, I love that idea. I know several brides who have done something similar and the results have turned out beautifully. In fact, I really like it when couples use a similar pop of color throughout their wedding, from the groom and groomsmen socks to flowers and centerpieces. Bright plum is a gorgeous color and incorporating it in your wedding shoes, bridesmaid dresses, and anywhere else you like is a great way to go! Just be sure to send us pics so we can see how lovely everything turned out. 🙂

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