When Are You Supposed to Take Your Wedding Veil Off?

when to take your wedding veil off
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Q: This feels like a silly question, but how are you supposed to wear your veil during your wedding ceremony? And when are you supposed to take it off?- Joanna

A: Seriously, there are NO silly questions here. The world of weddings can be a strange (but awesome) place where tradition meets modern-day life, and it can be more than a bit confusing.

So, when it comes to wedding veils, you have a couple of options. The first is that you don’t have to wear one at all. That’s easy, right?! LOL. But personally we think brides look GORGEOUS wearing a veil, and honestly when in your life are you going to ever get to wear one again?? The second is to figure out what type of wedding veil you want to wear (you can read our guide to wedding veils here). Certain veils (like blushers or birdcage veils) could theoretically be worn all night if you wanted, but longer veils will most likely get in the way.

During the ceremony you can opt to have a longer veil with a blusher (a shorter piece) that is meant to be worn over your face. The veil can be lifted up and placed over your head by your father after he walks you down the aisle and before he gives you a kiss, or it can be  worn throughout your vows and and removed by your now-husband before that famous first kiss. Alternatively you can also choose not wear to your veil over your face at all (even if it has a blusher, which is what I did).

No matter which type of veil you’re wearing, we think the best and easiest time to remove it is right after your ceremony and before the cocktail hour or reception introductions. Just make sure your hairstylist shows your mom or one of your bridesmaids how to remove it without messing up your gorgeous hair!

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