We Want These Wedding Shoes Under $100

A bride-to-be recently asked, “How much is TOO much to spend on wedding shoes?” It was such a good question that we wanted to not only help answer it, but do a little bargain shopping while we were at it!

So…how much is too much to spend on shoes? The thing is, this answer totally depends on the bride. I might not feel comfortable spending more than, say, $300 on shoes, while another bride might not hesitate spending over $600. The same goes for any part of your wedding budget, really. Some people are willing to spend more (and can) on certain areas that might not be as important to other brides, and vice versa. I think wedding dresses and wedding photographers are a really good example. One bride might have zero hesitation paying $8,000 for a wedding photographer, yet not want to spend a penny over $1,000 on her wedding dress. Whereas the wedding dress could be THE most important investment for another bride, and she could have no problem spending $5,000 on a dress, yet not want to spend more than $2,500 for a wedding photographer. The bottom line is, it’s about what YOU feel comfortable with and what matters to you.

There are some things I would urge you to consider when shopping for wedding shoes, however…

First, most people will not see your shoes under that long dress (if you are in fact wearing a longer dress). Second, if they’re ivory or beige the chances of you wearing them again are pretty slim. This would all add up to you not blowing a lot of money on wedding shoes…but the kicker is you also want them to be comfortable, which is oftentimes dictated by price (though not always).

I spent around $250 on my wedding shoes, and let me tell you this: I NEVER do that. As I’ve gotten older I’ve started spending more money on my shoes, but $250 is pretty much as high as I’ll go these days (and that’s rare). To me, shoes have never been that important (which is why I own a sad number of shoes and never have any to wear), and I’d rather put that money towards something else. And yes, my wedding shoes are sitting in the back of my closet and haven’t been worn in the almost 5 years since we’ve gotten married. I’m holding on to them in the hopes that I’ll dye them black one day, but even that hasn’t happened yet. And while I don’t regret purchasing them, I’m glad I didn’t spend more, to be honest. There are zero pictures of my shoes and at the end of the night my feet still felt like they had been run over by a car, despite the price tag.

So how much should you spend on wedding shoes? Again, that’s up to you and your shoe-shopping history. While $250 was a lot for me to spend on shoes, it might not be to a lot of other brides out there. Or it might be a crazy amount to you. Which is why I went shopping for bridal shoes that are just as cute as the $250+ ones, but that are all under $100, below. Our advice is to start shopping in the lower price range, try them on, and go from there. You might find your dream pair for way less than you thought you’d have to spend.

Check out our latest favorite wedding shoes under $100, below. Then tell us how much you are planning to spend on your wedding shoes in the comments section!

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