5 Easy Ways to Get the Perfect Wedding Invitations Online

online wedding invitations

You can pretty much shop online for anything these days. Dresses and shoes? Check. TV? Check. Groceries? Check, check, check! Purchasing online has made everything super convenient, but sometimes you’re not exactly sure what’s going to end up on your doorstep. That’s why when it comes to wedding invites we love being able to combine the customization options you would get at a stationery store while still being able to buy them from home wearing our fuzzy slippers. Which is why Basic Invite is one of our faves. With a ton of ways to create unique and personalized wedding invitation ideas online, we wanted to get their tips on how to make sure your invites come out perfect.

1. Get Down to Basics

Before ordering your wedding invitations you’ll want to get a sense of the wedding colors you want to use as well as your dress code, both of which will help you pick out the type of invitation that will work best for you. Going bold with a coral and turquoise theme? Bring the whimsy out in your invitations! Planning a black-tie affair? You might want to opt for more subdued colors with accents like gold or silver foil. Let your wedding day aesthetic and atmosphere dictate how formal your invitations should (or shouldn’t) be.

online wedding invitations

2. Browse for Inspiration

Once you figure out the type of invitation you want you can narrow down the look you love with Basic Invite’s Inspiration Gallery, which offers an array of everything from super chic invitation choices to Save the Date magnets from their Instagram feed, so you can shop directly through the website (and yes, you can still keep those slippers on!).

3. Customize the Way You Want It

The beauty of ordering your wedding invitations online is that you can try out as many invites and color combinations as you’d like (and see the results in real-time, which is something you can’t always do at traditional stationers). One of the best things about Basic Invite is that you can customize practically every part of your invitation, from the tiniest details (like little flowers and accents), to the font, size, and color. It’s pretty amazing.

online wedding invitations

4. Order Samples

Basic invite allows you to order samples of your customized suite, which means you’ll get to see exactly how YOUR invitation will look, with your names and personalized colors. Since Basic Invite offers several paper options (from a 110lb signature matte to a 200lb double thick matte and even a 110lb luxe velvet that has a suede-like texture), we suggest adding more than one paper type so you can see a few different options. If you’re deciding between two different invitations (or simply can’t decide on the colors), order two, or three! We put an invitation in our cart that cost $7.19 for a sample (including all 5 of the paper options). PRO TIP: Invitations should be mailed six to eight weeks before the wedding, and 10-12 weeks for destination weddings, so keep that in mind when ordering samples.

online wedding invitations

5. Collect Those Addresses

Trust us, we know collecting addresses can feel like a totally daunting task. But thankfully Basic Invite has made this process SO much easier. Their Free Address Collection Service allows you to create your own landing page and share the link with guests, who are prompted to securely enter their mailing information. It will then save to your address book, which you can use to digitally print guest addresses on envelopes and/or send digital invitations. You can also import them from your own excel spreadsheet, which makes ordering a breeze.

Ready to shop for your wedding invitations? Basic Invite is one of our favorite online shops for truly customized wedding suites, save the dates, inexpensive bridal shower invitations and a ton more.

We’re super proud to have Basic Invite be part of the Woman Getting Married Guest List! Visit BasicInvite.com to start customizing your save the dates and wedding invitations, and post a link to your fave designs, below!

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