You Can Now Wear Meghan Markle’s Favorite Bridal Slippers

Birdies Wedding Shoes

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If you’re anything like us, you’re obsessed with just about everything having to do with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s entire wedding (and current day wardrobe). Well, mostly Meghan’s. LOL. I mean we love you Harry, but Meghan’s style is more our thing.

From her effortlessly gorgeous hair and makeup to her simple yet oh-so-chic wedding dress (and SECOND wedding dress), their royal wedding was one for the books. In fact, everything Markle wears to this day is just the perfect combination of our favorite styles, right down to her wedding shoes! Confession: When Markle wore Birdie’s now infamous black “Starling” slipper on her royal tour to New Zealand and Morocco, the brand instantly sold out and had a 15,000-person waitlist, and we were one of them.

Birdies Wedding Shoes Pink Blush
Birdies ‘The Songbird’ in Blush

But it turns out that wasn’t the first time the Duchess of Sussex has worn the comfy and stylish brand. She is such a fan she had Birdies create a custom wedding slipper for her to wear. And now that Birdies has just launched an entire line of bridal slippers (including the Songbird pom-pom, inspired by the exact shoe that Markle wore to get ready on her wedding day), they are sure to sell out as quickly as those Starlings did. Because we have been WAITING for wedding shoes like this!!

I mean, those “getting ready” pictures with your bridesmaids have become a must-do for so many brides. We love seeing brides and their besties dressed in beautiful silk robes…but why are we always wearing flip-flops? It’s the ONLY accessory that never seems to make sense in those photos. Which is why we are so excited for this new launch.

Birdies Wedding Shoes Snow Crystal
Birdies ‘The Songbird’ in Snow Crystal

What we love most about Birdies is that even though they are stylish flats, they are technically slippers. You will feel like you are walking on pillows on clouds while you are wearing them, yet each pair is crafted with a durable rubber sole for inside and outside use. Which means you can wear them before your wedding while you’re getting ready, and bring them to your reception to wear at the end of the night. The best part? Because they are so comfy chic they also make the perfect bridal shower or bachelorette party shoe (that is unless you plan on wearing those sky-high heels, in which case these will feel like the best thing to slip into at the end of the party when your feet are wrecked.)

Birdies Wedding Shoes Pink and Gold
Birdies ‘The Sparrow’ in Blush

Honestly, we love this new line so much we would totally wear these new bridal slippers as our day-of wedding shoes. At $95 for the open-toe, $120 for the Meghan-inspired Songbird pom-poms and $140 for the crystal slippers, if you’re searching for a pair of wedding flats or sandals instead of heels, we can wholeheartedly say these are the best wedding shoes. Considering our feet felt like they were broken after wearing our heels the entire wedding night, we wish we would have had these instead. We can’t wait to see your wedding day pics wearing a pair of Birdies!

Birdies Wedding Shoes Bride and Bridesmaids
Birdies Wedding Shoes Phoebe
Cream Velvet Phoebe Birdies
Birdies Wedding Shoes White Swan
The Swan Silver Velvet Birdies

Pssst! Birdies slippers also make a great bridal party gift! If you’re gifting Birdies to 4 or more people you can get 20% off. Just e-mail for the group discount.

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