This Grocery Store Actually Has Amazing Travel Deals for Your Honeymoon!

honeymoon travel deals
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Chances are by now you’ve discovered just how expensive weddings can be! But before you swear off eating out at restaurants for the rest of your life to pay for it, we do know of one way you can save money without even negotiating: honeymoon travel deals!  So whether you’re looking for the perfect winter honeymoon destination on a budget or a last-minute trip abroad, these savvy travel finds below could help you save enough money to buy those wedding shoes you’ve had your eye on!  

  • Costco Travel – Seriously…what can’t Costco do well?! They offer wedding flowers, engagement rings, cheap gas, and travel! In fact, Costco has some amazing honeymoon travel deals to offer their customers, such as a stay at the Sheraton Hacienda del Mar in Los Cabos with spa and food credits from $489/per person for 4 nights. You do have to become a member, but their honeymoon package prices are typically so low the annual fee ($55/year) is worth it. Bonus? When you get home you can stock up on all the necessities in bulk (we’re looking at you, toilet paper)!
  • Southwest Vacations – Southwest is already known for offering competitively priced flights and other perks, but their honeymoon travel deals are also incredibly affordable. The Vacation Themes section is organized by romance, culture, beach, nightlife, and more, so you can sort by activities you love.  Does a honeymoon in Miami sound like a good plan? They’ve got the perfect package for you! What about a San Francisco honeymoon? They’ve got that, too!
  • When booking accommodations, try using Airbnb, Welcome Beyond, Boutique Homes, or Unique Home Stays. These listings will deliver more interesting and often more cost-effective options for the DIY planner. This requires a little bit of digging and dedication while you search, but it’s a great way to find (and stay in) hidden gems! Think romantic tree-houses in Bali, secluded villas in Italy, or picturesque cabins in Aspen.
  • Of course, if you’re not feeling up for putting together your own agenda and accommodations for the honeymoon, there are many wonderful “All Inclusive” vacation options for you around the globe! Companies like Sandals and Apple Vacations will lead you to LOTS of options. These one-stop-shop type of escapes are often cheaper than booking trip elements separately, and they have the benefit of built-in activities so you can just show up and enjoy. There is definitely value in booking at a place that makes planning easy AND spoils you with everything you could possibly want or need while you recoup from your wedding planning and enjoy some serious R&R!

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