The One Thing You SHOULDN’T Do On Your Honeymoon, According to a Travel Pro

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When it comes to travel inspiration, we’re always looking to Instagram to discover the latest and greatest destinations. From the best hotels to stay at in Paris to itineraries for a honeymoon in Hawaii, sometimes the best recommendations come from your favorite follows!

For daily travel reccs and dreamy photos from around the world, we recently found @JetSetChristina. Considering the blogger/travel guru just got engaged (congrats!) we thought it would be fun to talk to her about the most amazing places she’s visited, her upcoming destination wedding plans, and her advice to couples planning their own honeymoon, below.

via Christina Vidal

How long ago did you start your site/Instagram account?

I started my blog way back in 2012! I had just graduated college, and was working my first corporate job at Google and was already pretty bored and underwhelmed with the corporate world. I desperately needed a creative outlet and always loved traveling, photography, and writing, so it felt natural to start writing about my favorite places on!

How many trips would you say you go on a year?

I live out of a suitcase right now! So right now I’m on the road 365/24/7. I base out of Bali for a few months at a time, a few times a year, which I love. Bali has become “home” even though it’s halfway across the world. It’s such a creative, driven, entrepreneurial community of expats out there living the dream in paradise. When I’m not in Bali, I’m traveling, or in Colombia where my swimsuit line, Watercolors, gets made, or checking in with friends and family stateside.

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Tell us about your fiancé and engagement!

My fiancé Kenny and I met in college at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill! I fell for him at first sight in Chapel Hill but we were best friends for years before it finally made sense to date. We’re both entrepreneurs and were busy creating our businesses across the world from each other! Kenny is the founder of the resort-wear brand Kenny Flowers, and I was actually his very first girl customer, back in 2015. He was probably my first follower around the same time too. We’ve always been each others biggest cheerleaders, in business and in life.

Kenny and I got engaged in Uluwatu, Bali, with the most incredible sunset and lots of champagne. Bali means so much to us because it’s where we fell in love, and where we have made a home-away-from-home together.

via Christina Vidal

We decided to get married at the Four Seasons in Maui, Hawaii next Spring because we wanted somewhere tropical and island-y without making our friends and family fly halfway across the world to Bali! Our ideal wedding has always been a big vacation with all of our favorite people — and that’s what we’re doing in Maui!

For the honeymoon, that’s still top secret. I’m SO excited to share on Instagram soon! So stay tuned.

via Christina Vidal

For couples trying to decide between an adventurous or more laid-back honeymoon, it can be hard to choose the perfect location. What’s your favorite pick for each of the options below?

Beach Honeymoon

Maldives or Bora Bora hands down. If you’re torn between the two, check out my blog post comparing the Maldives vs. Bora Bora.

City Honeymoon

San Francisco/Napa Valley combo

Adventure Honeymoon

Bali! Check out my Bali Honeymoon Guide here.

via Christina Vidal

What are the travel packing essentials you take with you on each trip?

  • My BKR water bottle that I bring empty through security and then fill up before flying. Travel is dehydrating, so it’s important to always have water accessible.
  • The Slip Silk Eyemask is my savior when it comes to sleeping on planes and adjusting to new time zones.
  • My Steamline luggage is expensive and a splurge, but it’s the chicest, highest-quality, most beautiful luggage in the world. I constantly get compliments in every airport.

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When it comes to finding travel deals, what do you think are the best online resources?

I love tracking flight prices on Skyscanner, and for hotels.

Are you a fan of using credit card points to save money on travel?

Definitely! What’s better than racking up points from all of your everyday expenses to travel for free (or get amazing upgrades)? I am a fan of points that allow flexibility rather than sticking with one brand. I have the Amex Platinum and my fiancé has the Chase Reserve. I’m team Amex because the Centurion Lounges are WAY better than any other lounge anywhere, so the card is clutch for frequent travelers. But both have awesome points accumulation and redemption programs.

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When it comes to planning your honeymoon or any trip, what do you think is the most important thing you’ve learned about travel and making sure you have an amazing time?

The biggest thing I see with couples planning honeymoons is that they try to overdo it! While I totally get wanting to maximize your trip of a lifetime, it’s impossible to see a place completely in seven days, or even 14. Pick and choose from the millions of activities you could possibly do, and leave some time to relax with each other — this is your honeymoon after all! Keep in mind that you don’t have to do it all, as you don’t want to exhaust yourselves! Honeymoons should be rejuvenating, not exhausting. Make sure you keep some time to ENJOY yourselves, and not constantly be on the go.

via Christina Vidal

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