17 Stylish Finds for Your Beach Honeymoon

My husband and I are currently getting ready for a beach vacation (more details on WHERE we’re going soon when I write the full honeymoon feature for it AND share the fun live on Instagram and Facebook!) and I got more than a little excited to pick out a few new things for the trip.

Even though we live really close to a beach in Los Angeles, we never go (the water is cold here!), which means I own almost no bathing suits. And I’ve discovered over the past couple of weeks that bathing suit shopping is 1) expensive and 2) depressing. I can’t tell you how many bathing suits I ordered (10) that I ended up keeping (3). I had a hard time finding one that actually looked good on me!

One of my biggest problems is that I’m tall…which is obviously fine for bikinis but one-pieces seem extra hard to find. I’ve also discovered that my butt just does not look good in most bathing suit bottoms. It literally turns into a pancake as soon as a pull a bathing suit on! LOL. So I’m here about to start doing some butt exercises STAT.

But (pun intended) for those of you looking for swimsuits I have to say that fit wise, I had the best luck with Trina Turk and Tori Burch. Also my favorite bikini bottoms were from a brand called Byrds of Paradise (who also make a SUPER cute off-the-should bikini top). I realized that fuller coverage when it came to bikini bottoms was, in my case, not the best bet.

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While I already own some sun dresses and flowy pants that I’m taking with me in my carry-on (more on how to pack for a 10-day honeymoon with a carryon here), I wanted to get a few other staples. Even though I ordered most of my clothes online from Nordstrom and ShopBop, I actually had the best luck in-store at J. Crew, AND they were having a 30% off sale. Woo-hoo!

My 17 favorite finds for our beach vacation our below, and are totally shoppable.

Have you been bathing suit shopping lately? What are your favorite swimsuit brands?

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