Who Holds the Rings During the Wedding Ceremony?

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Q: My 5-year-old nephew is going to be our ring bearer, but I’d rather not give him our rings! LOL. Who is supposed to hold our rings during the ceremony if it’s not the ring bearer?- Cassidy

A: I don’t blame you! Ha. Nephews ARE adorable but yeah…I don’t know if I would trust mine to hold our rings. Which is why we gave both of our wedding bands to the best man. This is traditionally who is supposed to hold your wedding rings, but if you’re not having a Best Man there are other options. One is to have your officiant hold them, or alternatively if you’re having a small or family-only wedding you could give them to both of the dads, or both of the moms, and have them bring them up at the appropriate time for a sweet, intimate moment.

But what about your OTHER ring? Find out how to wear your engagement ring during the ceremony here!

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