From Bezos to Beyoncé: The Most Expensive Celebrity Engagement Rings in History


Love, bling, and jaw-dropping price tags—there’s nothing like the enchanting world of celebrity engagement rings. Which is why it comes as no surprise that Amazon founder and billionaire Jeff Bezos would propose to longtime girlfriend and Emmy-winning journalist Lauren Sanchez with anything other than the stunning rock she was seen wearing on “that finger” this past weekend, setting the internet ablaze with engagement rumors.

Even though the couple—who have been officially dating since 2019—have yet to make a public announcement, sources tell PEOPLE that the ring, spotted on Sanchez, 53, while the couple was sailing on Bezos’ new $500 million yacht at the Cannes Film Festival— is in fact an engagement ring. And a large one at that.

Jeweler Briony Raymond estimated to PEOPLE that the cushion cut engagement ring appears to be in the 25-30 carat range with an “ultra-classic four prong platinum mounting.” The price tag? Raymond says that given the clarity and apparent high color-grade, “I would estimate the cost for such an extraordinary ring to be anywhere from $3 million to upwards of $5 million depending on the exact specifications of the diamond.”

While that cost is over 800 times more than the average engagement ring cost in the United States, it’s a drop in the bucket for Bezos, 59, whose estimated net worth is $127 billion.

But how does that stack up against other celebrity engagement rings? It turns out it’s actually pretty average, especially when you factor in inflation. Here’s a look at a few of the most expensive celebrity engagement rings ever:

Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton

Elizabeth Taylor’s ring from Richard Burton was a truly extraordinary piece. Known as the “Elizabeth Taylor Diamond” or the “Taylor-Burton Diamond,” this remarkable ring was an Asscher-cut diamond weighing an impressive 33.19 carats. The diamond was originally part of a larger rough diamond weighing 240.80 carats. At the time of its purchase, the ring was estimated to have cost approximately $1.1 million, however the diamond sold for over $8 million at auction in 2011.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z

Beyoncé, the queen of pop, received a stunning 18-carat diamond ring from Jay-Z, who she married in 2008. The emerald cut engagement ring was designed by the one and only Lorraine Schwartz and is estimated to cost a whopping $5 million.

J.Lo and Marc Anthony

Marc Anthony proposed to J.Lo with a rare 8.5-carat Harry Winston blue diamond ring, worth $4.5 million. However, her engagement ring from Ben Affleck in 2022 might top that: The 8.5 carat natural green cushion modified brilliant cut diamond is thought to cost anywhere from $3 million to $8 million.

Vanessa Bryant and Kobe Bryant

Vanessa Bryant, wife of the late Kobe Bryant, wore an 8-carat diamond engagement ring from the basketball player, which was the upgraded version of her original engagement ring, valued at $4 million.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Kanye West proposed to Kim Kardashian with a 15-carat Lorraine Schwartz diamond ring, valued at $4 million.

Melania Trump and Donald Trump

Donald Trump proposed to Melania Trump with a 15-carat Graff diamond ring worth an estimated $2.5 million. But that’s not all – in 2014, she received an upgraded ring featuring a 25-carat diamond, worth a staggering $5 million.

Alexa Dell and Harrison Refoua

Alexa Dell, daughter of Dell CEO Michael Dell, received a 12-carat diamond ring worth $3 million when real estate investor Harrison Refoua popped the question.

The ‘Pink Star’

While those celebrity engagement rings have a price tag that could make anyone’s heart skip a beat, there’s one diamond that could make them all feel like a pauper. While not currently for sale, the one-of-a-kind “Pink Star” diamond is the way to go. The 59.60-carat oval-cut pink diamond stole the show in 2017 when it sold for a jaw-dropping $71.2 million, making it the most valuable diamond ever sold at auction. 

We’d say “I Do” to that!

A look at the most expensive celebrity engagement rings of all time:

Beyoncé $5 million (18-carat emerald-cut diamond)
Jennifer Lopez $4.5 million (8.5-carat blue diamond)
Vanessa Bryant $4 million (8-carat purple diamond)
Kim Kardashian $4 million (15-carat white diamond)
Alexa Dell $3 million (12-carat diamond)
Anna Kournikova $2.5 million (11-carat pink diamond)
Melania Trump $2.5 million (15-carat emerald-cut diamond)
Blake Lively
$2 million (12-carat pink diamond)

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