How to Wear Your Engagement Ring During the Wedding Ceremony

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Q: Is there a certain finger I should wear my engagement ring on during the wedding ceremony? Or am I not supposed to wear it at all?- Maureen

A: This is one of those questions you don’t think about until you’re about to get married, and then it dawns on you that you’re not really sure WHAT you’re supposed to do! LOL.

So, there are basically two things you can do with your engagement ring during the wedding ceremony. The first is to simply wear it on your right ring finger (which is what I prefer). Then, after the ceremony when you’ve received your wedding band, you can just slip it back on your left ring finger. Traditionally your engagement ring is supposed to go ON TOP of your wedding band (they say that way the band stays closest to your heart), so it should be an easy switch (and it’s something I do everyday, since I take my engagement ring on/off in the morning and at night). Alternatively you can have a family member or bridesmaid hold it, but honestly I think I would be too nervous for that! Ha. But ultimately it’s up to you and what you feel the most comfortable with. 🙂

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  1. says: Anonymous

    We incorporated the engagement ring into the ceremony. After we did the wedding rings my husband put it back on “as the first symbol of your love”

  2. says: Wendy

    I disagree … (in part). If the engagement ring is worn on the right hand (or any other rings are worn), it detracts from the wedding band being received.

    So that ALL of the emphasis is placed on the wedding band, the attendant standing next to the bride should wear the engagement ring, then, when the attendant hands the bride back her bouquet, the attendant slips the engagement ring off and gives it back to the bride so she can quickly slip in on her left hand (with her wedding band) before she walks back down the aisle.