Game Changer: These Wedding Rings Are Crazy Gorgeous AND Inexpensive

Trying to find a wedding band you love as much as your engagement ring can feel nearly impossible. Do you match your wedding band to your engagement ring? Should it have gemstones or be plain? And does it have to look like your fiancé’s wedding ring, too?! It can feel like there are a TON of options out there, but buying your wedding band can be a lot easier (and less expensive!) than you think.

Married Couple Wearing Wedding Rings

While brides used to look for a wedding band that matched their engagement ring, today most brides are opting for one that sparkles all on its own. Something unique or classic that can be worn alone, with your engagement ring, or stacked to create a modern and truly personalized look. One of our favorite new eternity bands that allows you to do all three is from Noémie, a brand that’s completely redefining the way consumers purchase fine jewelry, without the crazy retail markups. Here’s why we’re currently obsessed with them.

Like a lot of our favorite cutting-edge fashion companies (Reformation, Everlane, and La Ligne to name a few), Noémie has created a business model that is is 100% direct to consumer, eliminating the 5x-10x markup that traditional fine jewelry stores often have. Noémie, which runs a family-owned facility with over 40 years of fine jewelry experience, designs, sources and manufactures each and every ring. That means they get to use the same high-quality materials that you’ll find at the best jewelers in the country, but you’ll end up paying a fraction of the cost other places charge you because they’re controlling the entire process, from design to production.

Take Noémie’s ahhhmazing Diamond Eternity Band for example. It’s made of 18K gold with 0.33 carats of VS/G round stones around the band – for $840! The classically elegant design (which also comes in rose gold, white gold, yellow gold, and our new fave black gold) also means it can be worn with pretty much any engagement ring you pair it with, or would look stunning alone on the days you don’t feel like wearing both.

Looking for something just a little bit more outside the bridal box? Noémie also offers the Sapphire Eternity Band Ring in rose gold with pink or orange sapphires. Each option is more awesome than the next, and would actually be perfect stacked with their Diamond Eternity Band. (Which is why we now kind of find ourselves asking, can you love a wedding band more than your engagement ring?!

We get super excited when brands are inspired by the same things we are, especially when it comes to transparency in pricing. (I mean, have you read our wedding venue reviews? We are ALL about that). So when we find a jeweler that has the quality, pricing, and design we love, we are definitely on board. We’re also super inspired by their vision for what and “who” Noémie is. They’ve crafted this pretty amazing story about the Noémie woman, which you can read in full on their site, but here’s a teaser:

“Her New York apartment is in an old building. She said Marlon Brando lived there when he moved to the city, but I’m not sure I believe that. There’s a portrait of her on the wall painted by a well-known artist. He’s a friend of her grandmother and has known her all his life. If she recommends something it’s always good: a café in the 11th in Paris, a market in Fez, a smart place for flowers in Amsterdam, an art book store in Tokyo…”

So, how do you order? You can purchase directly on the Noémie website, or if you’re local to New York, you can also make an appointment online at Noémie’s SoHo loft. If you visit the shop, you’ll get to hear about Noémie’s unique story and get a personalized experience just like you would at a traditional jeweler, but probably better TBH. They offer same-day shipping in NYC, and complimentary overnight shipping and returns in the U.S (which are 100% insured). Their gemstones are also certified by IGI, one of the leading gemological institutions worldwide, and they have Noémie’s lifetime warranty. Have questions about purchasing online? You can message customer service right on the product page and you’ll receive a response in as little as an hour, or you can call them if that’s easier. With a purchase as special as this, sometimes you just want to talk to somebody on the phone, you know?

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If you’re looking for a classic eternity diamond wedding band or something a little more colorful for your wedding or even an anniversary, then Noémie should DEFINITELY be on your list.  We’re pretty sure you’ll be drooling over their designs like we do!

We’re super proud to have Noémie be part of the WGM Guest List! Learn more about their story and browse their collections at

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