Guests Share Details About Their Favorite Weddings Ever

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Just like most people think their kids are the cutest things to ever walk the planet, most of us also think our weddings are the BEST. And yes, they are…to you! But what might be one person’s “best wedding ever” might not necessarily be another’s. But what are the wedding details that truly stand out to guests who take planes, trains, and automobiles to celebrate your big day with you? According to a recent Reddit thread asking guests to share details from the best wedding they’ve ever gone to, one thing is clear: It’s not really your color theme or wedding favors. It’s good food, good wine, good music, and a whole lot of love.

Here’s what people shared about the best weddings they’ve been to, below.

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Backyard Bash

My cousins backyard wedding. Instead of renting a venue, they landscaped the backyard. It was small and inexpensive, but it felt magical. Everyone danced outside under the fairylights. Highlight of the ceremony was their cat following the bride up the aisle.-especiallyknot 

The Couple Makes It

After 17 years together my cousin and her partner just decided to up and have a baby AND get married. I can say at my age any wedding invitation makes you inwardly groan thinking of the time and money you’ll have to put in. But their announcement was followed by jumping, yelling for joy and general tears.

Tiny ceremony, where my dad was the officiant (he was hilarious and sweet), outside looking over an apple orchard. Just family at the wedding (not saying much as we are a HUGE family).

They are the kindest and wonderful people ever, so to see them celebrate that was amazing…plus her little tummy was so cute!

It was truly the couple that made it amazing, when you see two people who are perfect for each other celebrate their life- all the silly details fall away.-PepaStV

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Nothing Generic Here

My boyfriend’s friend got married about a year ago and it was the best wedding I’ve ever been to. You could tell that every single part of it was carefully planned to be meaningful to them. The bride didn’t wear a traditional wedding gown, but a nice dress that she really liked. Group photos were taken before the ceremony with all the guests, the bride and groom individually greeted every guest (and I’d never even met them before!) The ceremony was in a church, as they’re religious and was conducted by their roommate. Every part of the ceremony’s speeches was personalized to their lives and the people they love. There was no generic Bible quotes. Again, I didn’t know them but I felt like I did, just after hearing the speeches made.

Then the dinner was so customized to them. The groom runs a CSA program and so the meat was provided and cooked by someone he partners with and is good friends with. The vegetables and spices were from his gardens. Everyone’s wedding favor was a giant head of garlic from his gardens along with instructions on how to plant it. And then at the party/reception, the bride and groom were busting up the dance floor with everyone else. They separated and hardcore mingled. Again, they even made sure to chat with me. The party felt like a genuine get together, not like some crazy formal wedding where everyone has to act stiff and proper.-plaidpajamas92 


It was of a young couple of farmers on a tight budget. Super short outdoor service, followed by a party-all-night reception across the lawn. Less than 100 guests, all great friends and family. We were only asked to bring love, and plates and silverware for ourselves so they wouldn’t have to rent or wash 100 place settings. They made the cake, raised the pig we roasted, grew most of the produce for the vegetarian fare, and knew people happy to cook and contribute time to (chopping vegetables) making a modest meal for us all to share. She wore a secondhand gown.

I think the most money spent was on craft beer kegs and champagne, and for a quaint local band. The rest of the music was from guitars and fiddles and whatnot brought by guests to pass around play around the fire, or from an iPod connected to a borrowed stereo system. The extension cords for all the lights and sound across the yard were costly too, but probably a write-off for the host’s business.
The focus was to live in the moment, enjoy the company—the new family.

To celebrate love in a way we do that’s so common, so simple, authentic, personal, memorable. What made this the best wedding I’ve ever attended was the people: family and friends happy just to be there, to always be there for the newlyweds. People who wanted to stay up until dawn, long after the couple left, just to exchange stories and make better friends with each other…sharing blankets as the temperature dropped with guests who may have only been acquaintances or strangers the day before. People bound together by a genuine and enthusiastic want to support the bride and groom, wherever their path(s) may lead.-kcikadee 

Double Wedding Weekend

The best wedding I ever went to was my cousin’s.

The reasons: It was a Punjabi-British/East Coast Canadian wedding. There were two days of ceremonial stuff and partying (one for his family, one for hers). Also, everyone got along really well even though the guest list was huge and from all over the world and most of us had never met. Both sets of parents are quite well-off so amazing food, open bar, and really nice venues.

It was really neat to have a Punjabi party one night with banging Indian music, endless food, and men throwing money at the bride/groom SEEMINGLY FOREVER. And then the next night was all Celtic rock and Canadian one-hit-wonders and poutine and whisky until the early morn. Such a great way to spend a weekend.-glorioid 

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When It’s Totally ‘You’

My brother’s wedding, because even though the open bar closed at 10, my extended family and I continued the party in a bar located in the back of a Denny’s. It was so quintessentially us. -katerific 


Couple of friends had a really small wedding a few months ago. They had free wine, and you could take a bottle home. The best ever.-Em3PO 

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