These Seating Chart Tools Will Make Your Life Easier

Photo by Two Irises
Photo by Two Irises

Wedding seating charts are, admittedly, one of the most boring and stressful parts of planning a wedding. And, since you typically have to wait to finalize your seating arrangements until all the RSVPs are in, wedding seating charts can feel like even more of a pain while you’re tying up a bunch of OTHER loose ends. Before you completely give up and resort to using sticky notes (though honestly sometimes it’s an easier route to go), check out these online seating charts to help you plan where you want your wedding guests to sit. While these seating charts can hopefully take away some of the stress with imported guest lists, drag and drop seating, and special notes features, they won’t, unfortunately, be able to help you deal with the email chain from Aunt Beth saying she would really like to be seated next to cousin Emily, but definitely NOT next to cousin Paul.

TIP: Once you’ve finalized your seating chart, check the other big items off your list with our Wedding Planning checklist.

Wedding Wire

One of the most popular online seating chart tools for a reason, Wedding Wire is very user-friendly, and features a drag and drop chart plus an RSVP tracker. Design your floor plan, customize table shapes, and when you’re done, print or share the entire thing online.


If you’re planning your wedding with a team, AllSeated is for you. Users on multiple devices can import guest lists from Excel, create a to-scale floor plan, and assign tables.


This easy to use platform aims to make your life as stress free as possible. The smart-seating feature generates optimal seating charts based on guests’ relationships to each other. From there, you can drag and drop to make any modifications.

Bride To Do

If you like working on a hard copy, Bride to Do offers downloadable Microsoft Word seating chart templates. Perfect for discussing who should sit where while drinking mimosas at brunch. (Just bring an eraser!). Google Docs also has its own version.


Looking for an app that does something more than help you organize who sits where? TopTablePlanner also lets you adjust table size, indicate meal preferences, and add features to the rest of the room.

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