13 of the Best Bridal Shower Games the Bride Will Love

bridal shower games
Who doesn’t love a toilet paper wedding dress? Photo by Cary Diaz Photography

Whether you’re the maid of honor, mother of the groom, or a close family friend with a knack for hosting, orchestrating a bridal shower can be quite the endeavor. From dispatching invitations to selecting the perfect hue of confetti and assembling a legendary mimosa bar, the tasks are numerous. However, picking the right bridal shower games, including funny bridal shower games and virtual options, doesn’t have to add to your stress. Discover our top bridal shower game ideas below.

What Kind of Bridal Shower Games Should You Play?

While wedding shower games work at pretty much any shower, who is going to be there might help you determine which games are most appropriate. After all, if the bride’s 90-year-old grandma is there, you might not want to play anything too risqué. (You know the games we’re talking about! LOL.)

The venue where you host the bridal shower is another element to consider. For example, if you’re having the shower in a bustling restaurant, bridal shower games like a scavenger hunt may not be as enjoyable as they would be in someone’s backyard. The same consideration applies to games for bridal shower settings that require more space or privacy. It’s also important to figure out when you’ll have the shower, and how long it’s scheduled for. Some games definitely take longer than others, and you will need to make sure you have enough time to open the gifts (which can take more time than you think).

If you’re coordinating a virtual bridal shower, your setup will naturally differ. Depending on the guest count, you might opt to send out a bridal shower goody bag, brimming with champagne, sweets, and any necessary supplies for virtual bridal shower games (though many online games today only require a computer and a Zoom account!).

WGM Says: No matter what bridal shower games you plan for, you’ll want to be sensitive to the pronouns the couple uses. A lot of bridal shower game printables available today are still fairly heteronormative, so be sure to customize the games for the couples’ preferences. 

Gather Your Supplies (and Designate an MC)

Designate 1-2 ‘game’ helpers to be responsible for not only collecting the supplies, such as game printables or photos of the couple, but also for ensuring that each bridal shower guest is equipped to participate. You can establish a game station at the shower where guests can pick up a pen, paper, and other necessities, or distribute them on each table, depending on your arrangement. These ‘game show’ hosts should also be prepared to emcee the bridal shower games, pose questions to guests as needed, and write down any relevant game information.

Fun Bridal Shower Games

We’ve categorized these bridal shower games from the easiest to organize to the most challenging, detailing what you’ll need for each. The easy bridal shower games will require minimal supplies, while the more complex ones will necessitate some preparation. Since you may need to purchase some games, remember to include them in your budget if you’re splitting the costs with other hosts, along with other essentials such as bridal shower decorations.

And since Zoom meetings have gotten so popular, it’s helpful to know that this applies to bridal showers, too! Because of this we’ve also decided to include virtual options that are perfect to do with larger groups. 

Now that we’ve talked about the setup, let’s get into the games!

Dressed For The Honeymoon

WHAT YOU NEED: A suitcase, a wide assortment of the funniest clothes and accessories you can find (tutus, sequined shirts, oversized sunglasses, leopard print scarves with rainbow fringe, etc.).

BEFORE THE SHOWER: Recruit the help of the bridesmaids to find the silliest, most over-the-top articles of clothing you can find to fill a suitcase.

HOW TO PLAY: If your bride has a silly streak and is always down to have a good time, then this unique bridal shower game is tailor-made for her. Blindfold the bride, then open the suitcase and arrange the contents so that she could easily touch any of them. Then tell her that anything she touches she has to put on to create the perfect honeymoon-ready ensemble!

AN EXTRA TWIST: Be sure you capture a photo of the bride in her quirky outfit, and as one of your bridal shower games, give a framed copy of it to the groom as a wedding gift.

Writing the Vows

WHAT YOU NEED: A pen, this printout (free)

BEFORE THE SHOWER: There’s no pre-prep needed for this game other than printing out the sheet!

HOW TO PLAY: If your bride is planning to write her own wedding vows, she is probably feeling the pressure. Lift that burden from her shoulders by writing her vows for her…in the form of a mad lib! Without cluing the guests in on what the mad lib is about, ask them to supply the best nouns, verbs and adjectives that happen to pop into their heads. Once it is complete, present the sidesplitting result by asking the bride to read her wedding vows!

AN EXTRA TWIST: Record a video of the bride reading her crowd-sourced vows and send it to her groom!

Say Yes to the Dress

WHAT YOU NEED: As many toilet paper rolls as you can get your hands on

BEFORE THE SHOWER: All you have to do is buy the toilet paper

HOW TO PLAY: Divide the room up into teams and equally portion out the rolls of toilet paper. Instruct them to designate one of their team members to be the wedding gown model while the rest design the most glamorous gown ever made using only toilet paper. Set the timer for 10 minutes, and once time is up, the fashion show begins with the bride as the judge!

AN EXTRA TWIST: Whichever team wins gets to recreate their gown on the bride to be worn for the rest of the party!

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Who Said What?

WHAT YOU NEED: You can make your own printout with the questions on a piece of paper, or buy a cute, editable one on Etsy (like this game bundle).

BEFORE THE SHOWER: E-mail the couple individually and have them answer each question. And don’t be afraid to make them as random/funny as possible. For example, “What’s your favorite guilty pleasure band?” (Vanilla Ice!) or “Who made the first move?” (I asked him out first!).

HOW TO PLAY: Circle which partner you think said what. Whoever gets the most wins!

AN EXTRA TWIST: Call the groom and record his responses to each question, which you can play during the shower for a funny, real-time take.

Answer Battle Trivia (Virtual)


  • A download of this game.
  • Mac, PC, or iPad along with access to Zoom, Google Hangouts, Skype or other meeting software.
  • The host (or person who wants to run the slideshow) will also need Powerpoint. If you don’t have it you can download a free trial here

BEFORE THE SHOWER: Send a meeting link to all guests along with an overview of the game and what time you expect to play.

HOW TO PLAY: Watch the instructions here.

Looking for more fun virtual options that work with large groups? Try out Scattergories or this Charades generator!

Guess Who?

WHAT YOU NEED: Pens or pencil and this printout

BEFORE THE SHOWER: Ask the couple to answer all the questions on the printout, and keep track of their responses on a master copy (or two in case you lose one!)

HOW TO PLAY: Ask guests to “guess who” said certain things (like “I love you” first) or who is the better cook.

Gift Bingo

WHAT YOU NEED: Pens and this printout (free)

BEFORE THE SHOWER: Sip sip hooray! There’s no pre-prep needed for this game other than printing out the bingo card.

HOW TO PLAY: Let’s be real…we know you love the bride to pieces, but watching her open gift after gift after gift after gift can get a little boring. Spice up this quintessential bridal shower activity by turning it into a game the whole room can enjoy. Before the bride opens her presents, tell the guests to fill out the bingo squares with possible gifts the bride could receive, such as mixing bowls, a spice rack or mugs. Then, as the bride opens the gifts, the guests can cross off their squares one-by-one until someone has a bingo. The first to yell bingo wins!

AN EXTRA TWIST: Tell the guests that they are not allowed to include the gift that they brought on their bridal shower bingo sheet!

Ring Hunt

WHAT YOU NEED: Plastic or candy rings (just make sure they’re individually wrapped), and a fun prize for the winner.

BEFORE THE SHOWER: Simply hide the rings around your event space, and don’t make them all super obvious!

HOW TO PLAY: You can choose to have the game run throughout the course of the shower, or pick a time slot for guests to go hunting for the rings. The guest who find the most gets the prize.

AN EXTRA TWIST: The grand prize could be a gift card to a local jewelry store to buy the real thing!

Pass the Bouquet

WHAT YOU NEED: A fake or real flower bouquet

BEFORE THE SHOWER: This is one of these easiest bridal shower games. All you have to do is buy the flowers and assemble the bouquet.

HOW TO PLAY: A cross between Hot Potato and Musical Chairs. Guests pass around a bouquet (fake or real!) to each other as music plays. When it stops, whoever is holding the bouquet is eliminated. This goes on until there’s a winner.

AN EXTRA TWIST: A fun prize could be a monthly flower subscription!

Create Your Own Recipe Book

WHAT YOU NEED: Recipe cards, plus a recipe book to put them in

BEFORE THE SHOWER: Include a recipe card within the bridal shower invitation, and include a note asking guests to write (or type) their favorite recipe for the newlyweds. You can even find invitations with matching recipe cards (like this one on Etsy).

HOW TO PLAY: Have each guest bring their recipe so you can gather them into a recipe binder. If you want, you can even have each guest go around and share the name of their recipe and where they got it from to make it even more special.

AN EXTRA TWIST: Personalize the recipe book with the bride’s name, and organize each recipe by category (Breakfast, Appetizers, etc.).

Who Has the Groom?

WHAT YOU NEED: One printed photo of the groom, and enough printed photos of celebrities for the remaining guests. (Or, you can buy these cute “Who Has the Groom” scratch-offs.)

BEFORE THE SHOWER: Mix one photo of the actual groom in with the rest of the celebrities. Tape the photos randomly on the bottom of each chair.

HOW TO PLAY: Whoever get’s the bride’s hubby to be is the winner!

AN EXTRA TWIST: If the groom is going to surprise the bride, this could be a cute time to “pop in” and award the prize.

Flower Bar


  • Enough flowers for each guest to make a small bouquet or arrangement, plus containers to hold them. You can visit your local grocery store or shop online for DIY combos at site’s like Blooms By the Box.
  • Small bud vases (for arrangements) or tissue paper and twin (for bouquets)
  • Flower scissors
  • Water
  • “Flower Bar” sign

BEFORE THE SHOWER: Set up a table and arrange the flowers by type. Lay out all the supplies along with some arrangement/bouquet photos to help get guests inspired.

HOW TO PLAY: Have guests go up 2-3 at a time, depending on your space, to make their creation. Each guest can then take their arrangement or bouquet home with them.

AN EXTRA TWIST: Leave a polaroid camera on the table and have each guest take a photo of their floral design for a “flower bar” guest book.

Guess the Movie Theme Song


  • 10+ of the most memorable movie theme songs (IE: “Don’t You (Forget About Me),” by Simple Minds from The Breakfast Club.)
  • A device that will play them loud enough to be heard by guests at your venue
  • A printout with the song names and movie choices (similar to this one for movie quotes)

BEFORE THE SHOWER: Create a playlist with the songs on iTunes or Spotify. If there are guests that span several generations, be sure to include some older movies, too!

HOW TO PLAY: Play a minute or so of each song, and have guests make their selections. Whoever gets the most right, wins!

AN EXTRA TWIST: Ask the bride and groom for a list of their favorite movies ahead of time, and choose your selections from those.

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