Can I Wait to Open My Bridal Shower Gifts at Home?

do i have to open my bridal shower gifts
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Q: I’ve been to several bridal showers, and I think watching the bride open every gift gets a bit boring! Can I do it differently at my bridal shower and just wait to open them when I get home? -Rebecca

A: A lot of brides are on the fence about this (and feel the same way you do), and personally so are we. While I think there are definitely some guests that are also in the same boat (of not wanting to watch the bride open gifts for an hour), I think that MORE guests actually DO want to see their gift get opened.

How many people are you inviting to your shower? If it’s a smaller group (say under 20 guests) then this shouldn’t take too long. If your list is a lot bigger than that, then yeah…opening the gifts might take a while. If that’s the case I would suggest one of the following options:

1. Have guests bring their gift unwrapped, or make it fun and have your bridal shower invite say “please dress your gifts in only a bow!” This will save you time having to rip open all that wrapping paper. And hey, it’s also better for the environment!

2. Many brides having out-of-town showers ask that their bridal shower gifts be mailed to their home instead (so they don’t have to schlep everything back with them). You could have guests do that BUT then make sure you have a list printed out of who gave you what and make a point of personally going up to everybody and thanking them in person for the gift they gave you. It’s a great way to make sure you spend time with everybody there, and to show your thanks.

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3. Have a theme to your bridal shower gifts, like lingerie! Ideally they’ll be simply wrapped because they’re small, and it’s always kind of fun to see people’s reactions when you open something a bit naughty! 🙂

4. This one is not as much fun, but one option to consider is to insist on no bridal shower gifts. Make it a luncheon instead where you all sit around the table and enjoy each other’s company, and instead you gift them with a sweet bridal shower favor for coming.

Even though I think it’s ultimately your choice whether or not to open gifts at your bridal shower, I do think the majority of guests will feel a bit left out if you don’t. Hopefully one of the options above can be a good compromise!

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