A Country Chic Wedding at the Berry Barn

Vanessa and James had SUCH a sweet wedding at the Berry Barn, a unique venue in Amite, Louisiana. The decor. The bride’s gorgeous dress. The food. That cake! Everything had such as simple yet chic and completely PERFECT vibe. More from their amazing photographer, Arte De Vie, below:

“Vanessa and Jason were married at The Berry Barn, a very rustic, full of warmth, charming venue about an hour from New Orleans. I enjoy being a city girl, but I did grow up in Kentucky, so being out in the country fits for me as well. As soon as we pull into The Berry Barn drive I’m always instantly enamored with the animals, zebras, donkeys, llamas, you name it! The scenery at Berry Barn with the dark colored wooden barn is breathtaking! The Berry Barn is a dream come true for any bride wanting a barn or rustic feel for the wedding. There is so much character built into it before even adding decor. I loved the drapery that they installed over the dance floor area. It looked fantastic and added another layer of warmth and coziness.

Okay, obviously I’m crushing on the Berry Barn, but I have to get to Vanessa and Jason too because I adore them as well. It’s hard to always put my thoughts to text, but their personalities simply make my heart swell. They are both so thoughtful, kind and caring. It’s very easy to feel at ease in their presence. I definitely feel like they both found their equal match, and they are each so deserving of one another. Since their daily lives revolve around restaurant life and beer distribution, it was only fitting that they incorporated some of those touches into the wedding. They had an Asian-styled cochon de lait, and several craft beer selections to choose from. Sounds like an awesome recipe for a great party right?! I can tell you first-hand that it was great!”

Photographer:  Arte De Vie//Invitation Designer: Artful Happiness //Floral Designer: Carol’s Flowers //Cinema and Video: Dan Jones Cineamatography//Caterer: Fine Thyme Catering//Event Designer:Signature Events//Event Venue: The Berry Barn//Bakery:Zoe’s Bakery//

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