The Best Wedding Florists in Louisiana

Finding the right wedding florist can be tricky. From their style and design to the colors and the overall personality of the florist, you’ll want to find someone who you really mesh with. We definitely suggest doing your research before committing or even reaching out to a florist — but luckily, we got a head start for Louisiana brides. Here are some of the state’s best:

Kim Star Wise Floral Events

New Orleans, Louisiana

Kim is a third-generation floral designer, so it’s fair to say she definitely knows what she’s doing. She worked for in New York for 10 years with some of the city’s top floral event companies and now brings her two decades of experience to Kim Star Wise Floral Events in New Orleans. Her work is exceptionally beautifully and full of amazing detail. We think you’ll love her!

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Iris Floral

New Orleans, Louisiana

Iris first opened in 2011 as a neighborhood floral shop, and in 2014 moved to be a full-service studio for weddings and events. Owner and designer Nicole is a New Orleans native and has a beautiful way of working with flowers. Her work is romantic yet modern and she’s a great fit for pretty much any wedding.

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Brianna Belton Design

Shreveport, Louisiana

This husband and wife team has been married for over 14 years and have years of experience designing weddings and events. We love all their designs, especially the ones that are organic, free-flowing and romantic. Plus, their use of color is extraordinary.

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Root Floral Design

Lafayette, Louisiana

Owner and designer Mia founded the company in 2012, and what started out as a little flower shop is now a sought-after wedding vendor. Mia works with two other amazing designers, Sophie and Amelia, and they all have a unique sense of creativity when it comes to each wedding they plan. We love their quality and detail, and the passion they have for their work.

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Bella Blooms

Metairie, Louisiana

Bella Blooms is the perfect florist for luxury weddings. They know how to design a wedding using the best floral there is to offer, and they are perfect at putting it all together so effortlessly at the venue. If floral is the major focus for you, they are the way to go!

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Mandy Cathey Weddings & Events

Many, Louisiana

Mandy started her floral career 23 years ago and has been a licensed florist for 20 years. Her company, Mandy Cathey Weddings, has been in business for 10 and has planned too many beautiful weddings to count. Her experience and professionalism is what guests love, in addition to her incredible designs. You know your wedding will be perfect with her team.

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Poppy & Mint Floral Company

Gretna, Louisiana

Owner Destiny decided she wanted to open her own floral company when working for a small floral shop. Now, Poppy & Mint combines everything she loves in design – beautiful floral, vintage finds, crafts, ribbons and so much more. We love her design personality, and if you’re looking for a romantic florist, this gal does it all.

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Dunn and Sonnier

New Orleans, Louisiana

Dunn and Sonnier is unique in that it’s both an antique store and florist. They’ve been collecting antiques for over 25 years, and that charm is something we really adore. We also love their floral work, and they can do everything from classic to modern to romantic. Basically, they’re a total package.

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Ever After Floral

Metairie, Louisiana

Ever After Floral is the New Orleans florist company brides love for elaborate designs and exciting style. Their work is lavish and beautiful with a ton of flowers, candles, linens and more. Just have a look at their portfolio and you’ll totally know what we mean .

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