And the Real Color of that Mother of the Bride Dress Is…


Chances are if you looked at your Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook newsfeed over the past few hours you’ve seen at least one (if not every) person you know talking about THE dress. No, not your dream wedding dress, but instead a mother of the bride dress that has the entire Internet saying: “It’s black and blue!” or “It’s clearly white and gold!”

The dress in question was worn by an innocent mother of the bride who probably had ZERO idea this would happen. It all started when her daughter’s friend posted a photo of the dress on her Tumblr page after people starting arguing about the color.”All of our friends disagreed,” 21-year-old singer Caitlin McNeill told the website Slate.

Now everybody and their mother is debating over what Dr. Jay Neitz, PhD (a color vision researcher for over 35 years) told Vice is “one of the most fascinating color vision things I’ve seen in a long time.” However, he was thankfully able to provide one theory:

“If I go into a room and I turn on a light that’s completely red, the white things will reflect all that red light,” Dr. Neitz said. “But if I also have a red thing, then that will [reflect] the red light, too.” Which basically means that the confusing photo of the dress was most likely taken in blue lighting (or with a bluish flash).

I think this second photo of the dress finally proves once and for all that the dress is black and blue!

What did you see in the first photo?


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