The Latest Wedding Day Trend? Haircuts

A stop at the salon is almost always a part of a bride’s wedding preparation process — but what about a hair cut in between a ceremony and reception? That’s what some brides are doing, according to TODAY.

Take 26-year-old Kayla Cummings for example. When she tied the knot to her husband Griffin in January, she went from having long loose curls at the beginning of her wedding, to a wavy lob at the reception. Cummings’ sister, a professional hairstylist, made the drastic cut in just 15 minutes.

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“No bride will ever not feel beautiful on her wedding day, so there really was no risk,” Cummings told TODAY. She had been planning the haircut for months, even keeping it a secret from her husband-to-be.

“Griffin was shocked! Hands-on-head, jaw-dropped stunned!” Cummings’ sister, AJ Palace said. “He loved the cut … He hugged me too and kept saying ‘Good job!’ The guests immediately noticed the transformation when she confidently walked out onto the dance floor for their first dance. Everyone talked about it all night.”

via Katie Kett Photography
via Katie Kett Photography

Another bride, 31-year-old Tracey Manner, chopped off a whole 10 inches of hair on her wedding day. Prior to the big day, Manner had played around with the idea of a dramatic change; however, it wasn’t until she endured a ceremony in 95 degree heat that she decided to go through with the cut, just before her reception. “The humidity paired with my nerves and excitement only made me hotter once my long hair was down my back,” she told TODAY. “Right after our ceremony, a wind storm started but at that point my mind was made up. I was so over the long hair.”

Like Cummings, Manner had a hairstylist — her friend, Matt Fugate — nearby. “Matt had to cut my hair with his razor in 40-mile-per-hour wind on a deck. His wife was holding towels up trying to block the wind,” Manner said. “It was hilarious, fun and something I will never forget. It was a really special moment with two of my best friends in the world. I just embraced the moment, my glass of wine and put my trust in the universe.”

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Luckily, she loved the end-result. “It felt incredible to step out with a dramatic new haircut,” Manner said. “One, because it was so hot but two, because it was like a new beginning. It also definitely set the tone to all of our guests that it was time to dance the night away.”

For any brides wanting to go a step further than switching up hairstyles mid-wedding, Manner definitely recommends it — but only if you can handle the drastic move.

“You have to be the kind of person that can roll with a big change and accept it,” Manner said.

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