New Study Shows Parents Are A Huge Part of Their Children’s Weddings

Getting married isn’t just a big deal for the bride and groom — it’s also one of the most important moments of their parents’ lives. This is especially true for those that have a close relationship with their families. While it makes sense for parents to be involved in the wedding planning process, you might be surprised at just how involved they are.

According to a new study from WeddingWire, out of each set of parents, the mother-of-the-bride is undoubtedly the most hands-on. Nearly 73 percent take part in most, if not all of the wedding planning.

In addition to their time, parents invest their money, too. The study showed that 84 percent contributed to paying for their child’s wedding.

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However, the involvement of more people in the decision-making process undoubtedly leads to at least a few disagreements. Half of the parents surveyed revealed having disputes with their child while figuring out details. These most often involved the budget and guest list.

As far as allocating the budget, parents reported food being the most important aspect of the wedding. Open bars were an obvious favorite among everyone.

Choosing vendors and sticking to a budget can certainly be stressful, but parents were ultimately most concerned about their child getting everything they wanted on their big day — proving that moms and dads are the best people to have by your side throughout the planning process.

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