15 Amazing Ideas for Wedding Tents

Dreaming of an outdoor wedding but want to keep the elements away? Or, just looking for a unique setting for your venue in an otherwise hum-drum location? Look no further than the wedding tent! From bare-bone structures to all out glam – we were pretty amazed by the variations of wedding tents we found. Glam up a standard white wedding tent, but don’t forget about your shape options (like the Capri Marquee). Or think outside the box and opt for a teepee (yes, teepee!) or a beachside-pergola. Nevertheless, your tent wedding will be nothing short of spectacular with these options.

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The Beach Tent

Sand setting? Amazing! But unless you’re going for the barefoot reception (which we’re all for!) you may want to consider opting for a tent beach-side. Not only is the effect wispy and romantic, guests can keep their shoes on and you’ll have to worry less about sand getting in the food. This version is just, perfect. We love the custom dance floor.

Wedding Tent Beach
Source: Pinterest

The Romantic Tent

We’re kind of obsessed with leafy garlands – so when we came across this blush tent, we have to admit it became an instant favorite. Not only is the draping utterly perfect, when complimented with textured linens, like sequins, the effect is totally glam.

The Tailored Tent

Though the shape of the tent is standard, there’s nothing standard about the design. We love the black and white pattern on the ceiling that is complemented by the trim around the edge of the draped sides. And the blue and red accents on the tables are the perfect addition for just a bit of color.

The Beachside Pergola

Major props to the event designer for this wedding – as this beach-side tent is simply put, lovely. The dark wood matched with the white drapes creates a confined environment so guests still feel like they are part of an exclusive party on an otherwise vast island.

Wedding Tent Beachside Pergola
Source: Pinterest

Colorful Tents

Just because you choose a tent doesn’t mean you have to keep it white. These lavender and plum drapes are so luxe. And the table setting would fit even in the most glam ballroom.

Wedding Tent Colorful

Lighting Effects

As an alternative to colorful drapes, we love strategic lighting. This version, in an ombre color scheme, is super modern, and definitely on-trend. We love the neutral table setting and the toned-down flowers that really let the lighting do its thing.

Wedding Tent With Lights
Source: Hatch Marquee Hire


Eclectic Decor

The farmhouse décor matched with the delicately draped ceiling make it a sure-fire win when it comes to tented weddings. An eclectic mix of a design that works really well.

Wedding Tent Electric Decor
Source: Simone and Martin Photography

The Western Tent

Not only are these tents, called yurts, inspired by central Asia and Mongolia, they are as beautiful as they are functional. Plus, there are endless options for wall linings and flooring that can really help make it your own.

Wedding Tent Mongolian Style Yurts
Source: Pinterest

The Non-tent Tent

The streams of color that make up the ceiling for this wedding reception are so bright, airy and perfect for an afternoon wedding. It’s color done right.

By the Pool

When choosing a tent, you’ll have to decide on an option that really fits the space. In the case of this poolside venue, multiple tents lining the pool helped to anchor the space. Plus, we can totally see this dressed up with candles or flowers floating in the water.

Wedding Tent By the Pool
Source: Pinterest

The Parachute Wedding

When we said you could think outside the box, we really meant it. Case in point? This budget-saving bride that used a $35 parachute as a ceiling at her wedding. Unique, but not without charm.

Wedding Tent Parachute
Source: Ever So Lovely

The Star-Friendly Tent

If you prefer your tent a little less opaque, may we suggest this elegant see-through version? Not only does it lend a view of the stars, but when adorned with strings of light, the tent shines all on its own.

Wedding Tent String Lights
Source: Ruffled Blog

The Glam Tent

Chandeliers? Yes, please. When it comes to a tented wedding, this is how glam is done. Light, airy and kind of amazing.

The TeePee

I mean, does it get any more whimsical than this? This teepee tent will not only brave the elements, but it’ll also give guests a serious wow factor. Imaginative, quirky, and definitely for the creative bride.

Wedding Tent Teepee
Source: Pinterest

Hanging Floral

We pretty much swoon over any wedding with flowers hanging from the ceiling. So this tented reception is no exception. Your average garden party, only, way better.

Wedding Tent Hanging Flowers
Source: Pinterest

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