6 Tips for Finding the Perfect Wedding Makeup Artist

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Even the most relaxed brides will tell you that they put extra thought into their wedding makeup. And unless you’re super skilled at putting on your makeup (or have a super-skilled friend), having a trained wedding makeup artist on hand is usually a must for brides. While finding your ideal wedding makeup artist may seem like an impossible task, a few key tips will make sure you find someone who will keep your eyes smudge-free and your lipstick picture-perfect through cocktail hour. When researching and meeting prospective wedding makeup artists and reviewing their work, here’s what you should keep in mind:

1. Do you have the same style?

The key to wedding makeup is to look like yourself – only a slightly more glamorous version. You’ll feel more comfortable in pictures if you’re not overly made-up, and as the center of attention in a room full of family and friends, the key is to still feel like yourself. While keeping this in mind, think about your day-to-day look. Are you all about bare minimum makeup? Or do you get done-up to go to the grocery store? Either way, seek out an artist whose work matches with what you’re hoping to look like on your wedding day.

2. Make sure your personalities click.

Your wedding makeup artist is first and foremost there to do your wedding makeup, but second to that, they’re also someone that can calm your nerves and help keep the day’s sequence of events in order. So, you’ll definitely want to mesh with them. Extra points if they make you laugh. ☺

3. Remember your local makeup counter.

You know that woman you ALWAYS buy your mascara from? She may do special events, like your wedding, too. I know a lot of women who use the counter artists at local department stores to get makeup done for friends’ weddings, so why not consider them for your own? They’re trained, they’re great, and best of all? They use the products you know and love. Which means you’ll feel at ease on your wedding day with products you’re used to (only done way, way better).

4. Consider calling corporate

If you have an allegiance to a certain brand, consider reaching out to the corporate office and asking if they have any local makeup artists on hand for special events. Many of your favorite brands have artistry departments, and makeup artists there tend to do a ton of freelance work on photo shoots and events like weddings. You can start by sending an email to the “contact us” section on their website, or reach out to a press contact if there is one listed. They’ll likely point you in the right direction to see if your request can be accommodated.

5. Do they offer a trial?

Before you commit to a wedding makeup artist, ask if they offer a trial prior to your wedding day. Some may be willing to travel to your home to do a trial, or they may ask you to come to their studio. If you’re lucky it’ll be free, but this depends on the artist as some charge a fee for trials. Either way you’ll find comfort in knowing you’ve decided on a look for your wedding day, and your wedding makeup artist will feel prepared with the exact look you want.

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6. Do they have a sidekick?

One makeup artist and 12 bridesmaids in need of makeup? That’s going to be tough, time-wise, considering you should expect 30 minutes per bridesmaid. If you can splurge for the second wedding makeup artist, you should definitely consider adding one. Ask your wedding makeup artist if they have a partner they work with, or at least one they can recommend. It’s likely they do and will be happy to make the arrangements for you. In addition, you can ask your makeup artist to make a timeline for you, so that you can let each bridesmaid, mother and mother-in-law know when they will be getting their makeup done.

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  1. says: kay

    Personality is a big one for me. Your wedding day is supposed to be fun. I feel like finding a makeup artist that’s too serious can make you too nervous and forget about the point of the day.

  2. I love that you say when looking for a makeup artist you should find out if they offer a trial before the wedding day. This would be great for my sister so that she can make sure she likes the makeup and this will give her peace of mind that she will look great on the actual wedding day. Also, you make a great point that the trial will give my sister a chance to make sure that her personality clicks with the makeup artist so that she can be relaxed on the wedding day.

  3. says: Millie Hue

    I like that you mentioned that there are artists that offer free trials which can help you decide whether they are perfect for the job. I will share this tip with my sister so that she will be hiring the right person for her wedding day. It can also save her money since they really don’t have that big budget for the wedding. Thanks for the tips!